Chowchilla, CA:


Clownified – from the Urban Dictionary

Clownified: The act of slowly turning into a clown, or becoming one whether you like it or not. You can be defined with big funky hair, a red nose, big floppy feet, a lot of make up, a horn to honk with, a small car to fit in with your other clown buddies, and overall you have a crazy appearance.

Some people who become clownifed are unstable. For instance, IT. Some can be funny like Krusty The Clown.
Dude, did you see Bill last tuesday? He looked so…you know! Clownified!

Really? What was he doing?

Making lousy jokes, and clocking people with pies!

He’s turned into one of them alright!

Circus Calendar 2014

Here’s Circus Imagination’s calendar for events this year! We already started our season in March at the Pinal County Fair in Arizona and tomorrow we’ll be on our way to our next fair, Merced Spring Fair in Los Banos, CA.




March 19th – 23rd

Pinal County Fair

Pinal, AZ

April 30th – May 4th

Merced Spring Fair

Los Banos, CA

May 15th – 18th

Chowchilla Madera County Fair

Chowchilla, CA

May 22nd – 26th

Silver Dollar Fair

Chico, CA

May 29th –June 1st

Contra Costa County Fair

Antioch, CA

June 5th -8th

Colusa County Fair

Colusa, CA

June 19th – 22nd

Placer County Fair

Colusa, CA

July 4th

World One Festival

El Cerrito, CA

July 10th-13th

Mother Lode Fair

Sonora, CA

July 16th – 20th

Lassen County Fair

Susanville, CA

July 30th – August 3rd

Yuba Sutter Fair

Yuba City, CA

August 6th – 10th

Nevada County Fair

Grass Valley, CA

August 14th- 17th

Lyon County Fair

Yerington, NV

August 21st – 24th

Butte County Fair

Gridley, CA

August 27th – September 1st

Monterey County Fair

Monterey, CA

September 4th – 7th

Gold Country Fair

Auburn, CA

September 13th – 14th

Italian Festival

Penn Valley, CA


Circus Imagination returns to the Merced County Spring Fair

From the Los Banos Enterprise April 25, 2014 

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 — Inside a colorful circus tent is where imaginations run wild at the Merced County Spring Fair. Ringmaster Caton Hegwer and costume coordinator Carol Raintree-Hegwer handpick kids from the audience to take part in an interactive show designed to get children to use their imaginations.

The duo is a husband-and-wife team who took on the family business as their own. Now traveling throughout the West Coast, the couple perform at a number of fairs and festivals.

With them, they bring a 30-by-30-foot tent, costumes and props, and leave it up to the imaginers to do the rest. While Caton Hegwer emcees the show, his wife dresses the kids in costume, and guides them to perform a show straight out of a make-believe scene.

“It’s a fabulous show,” said Karen Searle, owner of Fair Executives, a company that manages fairs, and helps market for Circus Imagination. “It’s not just interactive for the kids and their parents, even the audience enjoys it.”

The show attracts 4-year-olds and up and lasts around 20 to 30 minutes.

The purpose of the show is to try and teach kids there are lots of things to do outdoors,” Searle said. “You can have a circus in your backyard using things you have at your home, just by using your imagination.”

Access to Circus Imagination is free with paid fair admission.

On the Road Again…


Somerset, CA: So another season starts! Hooray! This winter our little circus got so many amazing upgrades! Curious? I’m sure you guys will love them all!

First of all we have a new backdrop! (The big hand painted canvas that hangs between the ladders) We have been using the beautiful artwork of Criss Raintree (Caton’s Mom) for many years, and we have been thinking about “retiring” it for a while, but the amount of work and patience it takes to hand paint a canvas that big kept us from it. Until now! 

We also have spent all winter creating adorably cute cartoon-like circus characters! They are featured on the new backdrop, will soon be in our website and also in the buttons/badges we have as souvenirs of the show.

We have a new circus act! Yay Yeah! It’s called: “The Flying Circus.” Let me tell you a little bit about it. Taking in consideration how much kids play video games in their little electronic devices, we decided to take one of those famous video games and turn it into a real life game! So we took the whole concept of Angry Birds and transformed it into a human slingshot game! You are going to have to wait and see! 

Now we are on our way to our first fair: Pinal County Fair in AZ! It starts next week and I promise to post many new pictures then!

May this 2014 season be even more fun than the last!

See you at the fair!


Turkey Day Craft!

Somerset, CA: Hello everybody! We are in the thanksgiving mood and decided to be crafty! Here’s our Gobble Gobble stuffed turkey! He’s made of fabric, foam and glue!
Stuffed Turkey Toy
To make him follow the youtube tutorial.
Here is the pattern for you to print and cut the fabric pieces!
Turkey Toy Pattern
Print the pattern full page in letter paper.

Here are the supplies needed:
-Fabric in light brown, yellow,
green, red and white;
-One strip of white fur;
– Thread and needle;
– Sewing machine
(can be done bu hand!)
– Hot glue;
– Half foam ball;
– Two googly eyes;
– Foam to stuff;
– Small metal wire;

Happy Thanksgiving!