New Silly Clown Goggles 

Somerset, CA: Hello everyone! Here’s the Circus Imagination version of the perfect silly clown goggles, easy to put on, comfortable and already come with their own noses! 

Want to make your own? You’ll need:

  • Funny dollar store glasses
  • Hot glue
  • Elastic hair bands
  • Colorful buttons
  • Scissors
  • Foam Clown nose 

Break the part of the glasses that goes over the ears off, cut the elastic hair bands in half, hot glue the band in place, cover the glue spot by glueing the button over. Slightly open foam clown nose up, place a “v” of hot glue on the opening and glue it to the nose part of the glasses. Done!

NEW! Exclusive Circus Printables! Coloring Pages and Crossword!

Somerset, CA: Hello Everybody! As you know I’ve been drawing every one of our circus characters. I believe I’m half way in, there’s a lot of them! You can see them around the circus website, soon they’ll all be in the Characters tab, together with their respective biographies.

Today I turned all the characters drawings I’ve done so far into coloring pages and into a Circus Imagination Crossword Puzzle!

Check them out on the circus website or click on the PLAY tab.

Check out these exclusive Circus Imagination Printables!

TO SAVE: Right click and Save Image As.

TO PRINT: Click to open image then Press CRTL + P.

Name PREVIEW JPEG Image (low res) PDF File (high res)
Circus Imagination CROSSWORD circus imagination CROSSWORD jpeg.jpg circus imagination CROSSWORD.pdf
Coloring Page ANIMAL TRAINER coloring page ANIMAL TRAINER jpeg.jpg coloring page ANIMAL TRAINER.pdf
Coloring Page CANNON BALL PIC TRACE coloring page CANNON BALL PIC TRACE jpeg.jpg coloring page CANNON BALL PIC TRACE.pdf
Coloring Page CHAMPAGNE SISTERS coloring page CHAMPAGNE SISTERS jpeg.jpg coloring page CHAMPAGNE SISTERS.pdf
Coloring Page CIRCUS TENT coloring page CIRCUS TENT jpeg.jpg coloring page CIRCUS TENT.pdf
Coloring Page CLOWN coloring page CLOWN jpeg.jpg coloring page CLOWN.pdf
Coloring Page COSTUMIER coloring page COSTUMIER jpeg.jpg coloring page COSTUMIER.pdf
Coloring Page FLYING CIRCUS coloring page FLYING CIRCUS jpeg.jpg coloring page FLYING CIRCUS.pdf
Coloring Page FLYING MONKEYS coloring page FLYING MONKEYS jpeg.jpg coloring page FLYING MONKEYS.pdf
Coloring Page GORILLA coloring page GORILLA jpeg.jpg coloring page GORILLA.pdf
Coloring Page HUMAN CANNON BALL coloring page HUMAN CANNON BALL jpeg.jpg coloring page CANNON BALL.pdf
Coloring Page LION coloring page LION jpeg.jpg coloring page LION.pdf
Coloring Page RINGMASTER coloring page RINGMASTER jpeg.jpg coloring page RINGMASTER.pdf
Coloring Page TIGER coloring page TIGER jpeg.jpg coloring page TIGER.pdf
Coloring Page TINA TIGHT ROPE WALKER coloring page TINA TIGHT ROPE jpeg.jpg coloring page TINA TIGHT ROPE.pdf
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New Design Ringmaster Jacket

Somerset, CA: Hello there “imaginators”. Yeah, if you’re into Circus Imagination that’s what you’re called from now on.
I feel very accomplished this week because I finally finished sewing the new ringmaster jacket! It has a total of 67 fabric pieces and 28 buttons and trims. That’s a lot. It took me a total of 25 hours to put it together and 3 trips to Jo Ann’s.

Basically it’s the same pattern as the old jacket that I made in 2010. There are pictures of it at the bottom. The difference is:

– Stronger fabric, same bottom weight type 100% cotton, but thicker
– Black detail in front instead of white (the white is picture perfect but very hard to clean) and trim around it
– Flat and higher quality buttons (last ones were dome-shaped and got bent)
– More interface (easier to iron)
– Thinner shoulder tassels
Here’s the “old” ringmaster:


Because handmade is better and craft comes before housework in the dictionary!
Do you wish to learn how to sew? All you need is a sewing machine, some fabric & thread and the Internet! Here’s one of my favorite sewing resources online (besides YouTube tutorials).

See you when we finish another project! I’ll give you a hint: there’s a new act in the show! It’s very…. Magical.

NEW BEAR HEADS! Bobble Head Club

Somerset, CA: Hello everybody! Winter is the time when the circus gets upgraded and props get rebuild. There’s a lot going on in my sewing room right now and these two just got finished!

We have another 4 big heads, lions and tigers, which are a VERY big hit in our little circus, kids love them! Usually those parts / costumes are filled by kids ages 8 to 14.
The bear costume, on the other hand, is designed for much smaller kids, younger than 8. That’s why in the past I have made them a smaller bear mask, but since they have been feeling left out from the “big bobble head club” here they are.
I can’t wait to see how cute and funny they’ll look wearing those giant teddy bear heads! Our first fair of the season is going to be Pinal, AZ. We will post pictures then!
Thanks for keeping up!
See you soon!

Brand New Website: Interactive and Fun!


Somerset, CA: Here it is kind of a “beta” version of our future website. I developed it so both children and adults could enjoy and have their own little areas to read about the circus.

For the grown ups check out the Home Page it’s filled with information.

It starts with a short bio of the circus and a news feed from our blog. Scrolling down you’ll learn about our new business Clown College, find our Social Media links. There’s also a character biography, a Video and a circus freebie Desktop Background download.

The Circus Page has a quick run through the whole show, with short explanations and pictures of the acts in the show. The right column I filled up with newspaper / magazine quotes about our show. My favorites are on the top!

The Characters Page is definitely for the little ones! Right now there are only 3 characters biographies: Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Sandow the Strong and Bobo the Clown.

The Calendar Page has our Google Calendar, already updated with our 2015 confirmed events. On Book Now you’ll find our contact information. Here’s a sneak peek:

Did I mention what Clown College is? We developed this amazingly fun are where children can learn basic circus skills. Juggling, balancing, walking on stilts, hula hoop tricks plus a maze to play in! Oh, and they can also be amazed by our Giant Soap Bubbles. It’s a popping frenzy!

Another new Circus Imagination Production is the Be Bop Fairy, with a pinch of pixie dust and many magical bubbles. She does giant soap bubbles, face painting, LED and FIRE hula hoop performance.

News Quotes and Stories About Circus Imagination


Sacramento Today –

 “Circus Imagination – Kids can join the circus using their imagination with props and costumes that are provided. The Ringmaster guides them through a fantasy adventure and before they know it, they have created their own world – something they can take home with them for many hours of backyard adventures.”

Los Banos Enterprise –

“Inside a colorful circus tent is where imaginations run wild at the Merced County Spring Fair. Ringmaster Caton Hegwer and costume coordinator Carol Raintree-Hegwer handpick kids from the audience to take part in an interactive show designed to get children to use their imaginations.”

“It’s a fabulous show,” said Karen Searle, owner of Fair Executives (…) “It’s not just interactive for the kids and their parents, even the audience enjoys it.”

Merced Sun Star

“The purpose of the show is to try and teach kids there are lots of things to do outdoors,” (…) “You can have a circus in your backyard using things you have at your home, just by using your imagination.”

Napa Valley Register

“Maybe you’re a circus buff who’s been under the Ringling Brothers big top and the Cirque du Soleil cute top. But have you witnessed a circus where pint-sized children are turned into elephants and human cannonballs?”

Contra Costa Fair

“Circus Imagination is a circus where the kids actually get to run away and join the circus for a day”

Holtville Tribune

“Parents state being more than pleased with the idea of some face-to-face fun that regenerates the notion of educational and safe enjoyment away from screens and remote controls.,”

“Aiming to maximize their full creative potential by strengthening their confidences, the major triumph of Circus Imagination is still the fact that it does not end when the show is over.”
“Its inspiration to play outside and use your inventiveness is taken home by every child.”

Los Banos Enterprise

Circus Imagination will engage the imagination and creativity of children. Prior to each show the Circus Imagination ringmaster tours the fairgrounds and invites children to participate. Colorful costumes and child-friendly direction is given in each act. The 10-act program features a variety of circus acts from Tina the Tightrope Walker who climbs a make-believe ladder 100 feet in the air to Zazelle the Human Cannonball. No skill or talent is required and the experience leaves children with a strong sense of creativity and resourcefulness.

how about visiting Circus Imagination, where children become instant stars by being selected from the audience, put in costume, and then performing in a spontaneous circus for the crowd. .

Hayley McGilvery, 7, of Morgan Hill gets to be part of the performance at the Circus Imagination at the Monterey County Fair on Wednesday afternoon. The circus, which has been around for 25 years, lets children be part of the show as the ringmaster puts them through a series of make-believe acts.

Santa Cruz County Fair

Wrapping learning and positive growth in fun.

“ No resource person or any assembly has been as outstanding as Circus Imagination, several of our students are now selling tickets for their own backyard circuses. In education, success is often measured by emulation.” quote from a Santa Cruz County School Principal.

IV Press Online

The idea of the circus is to get children away from video games and have them play with their imagination to help them get more creative.

Sacramento Today

Kids can join the circus using their imagination with props and costumes that are provided. The Ringmaster guides them through a fantasy adventure and before they know it, they have created their own world – something they can take home with them for many hours of backyard adventures.

The City of El Cerrito

Circus Imagination presents their popular audience-participation animal-free circus shows under the Big Top.

Nevada County Fair 

“How about visiting Circus Imagination, where children become instant stars by being selected from the audience, put in costume, and then performing in a spontaneous circus for the crowd.”

Nevada County Italian Festival

A must-see for all children attending the festival is the participation-based circus performances of Circus Imagination. With a variety of pre-existing circus acts including Tight Rope Walking, and Human Canon Balls, the performers of Circus Imagination will also recruit children from the audience to join them on stage. Children of all ages can dress up as lions, safari explorers, and (of course) clowns and become part of the main attraction while performing in skits and other shows.

“Tina the Tightrope walker just got a new skill, she hula hoops on the Circus Imagination tightrope! Such a talented little girl!” (Click to Watch the video!)

Google + review from Chico, CA

“Had a hassle free experience with better than quoted pricing and a superb product delivered ahead of schedule. All the things you look for in a company. Thanks from Circus Imagination”