First circus of the season

Los Banos, California: Today we had our first circus of the season at the 2011 Merced County Spring Fair! It was a 3PM show, the sun was shining high and thanks to the shaded seats we provide and the after crowd of Jeremy the Juggler – who performed under our tent right before our show started – most of our seats were taken!

The Circus featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Lion Tamer and his ferocious animals: a monkey, a pony and two lions! We also had 3 butterfly ballerinas being chased by not one, but two clowns! We were going to have a cowgirl but unfortunately she, let’s say… needed to practice her tricks a little longer before performing them on stage. And we did have our grand finale audience favorite act: Human Cannon Ball! Oh, for those of you who don’t know: YES WE DO SHOOT KIDS OUT OF THE CANNON!

Everything went perfect considering the fact this was our first circus of the 2011 season. Oh well maybe not that perfect: Ringmaster might be getting an undesired visit from the Throat Fairy to take his voice away… We shall see!

Our second, and last, show of the day was at 5PM and it was very surprising to see our audience magically appear a couple minutes before show time. The most amazing part was seeing that 90% of the kids in the audience actually joined the circus, instead of just watching it! The rate is usually 50/50. So we had a big circus, full of laughter, joy, silly clowns running around and even a gorilla! Check out the picture of all our volunteer circus performers down below.

Circus Imagination is performing at the Merced County Spring Fair from April 27th to May 1st. Our show times tomorrow (Thursday) are 3:30PM & 5PM. The fair is located at 403 F Street Los Banos, CA 93635-3612 and their phone number is (209) 826-5166.

Find us underneath the yellow and blue Big Top!

See you guys later!

4 thoughts on “First circus of the season

  1. Criss

    The Circus has never looked better! I miss the excitement, and especially the children.

    I love your Circus blog and look forward to checking in regularly. See you down the road……

    1. circusimagination Post author

      And the circus misses you! Be sure of that! You are Circus Imagination’s mom! And everything we do we only do it because you did it first! So thank you!!!
      Lots of love!
      Carol & Caton

  2. Evan Picard

    Looks awesome! My favorite part is that now, instead of trying to imagine whatever far off place Circus Imagination is in, I get pictures!! 😀

    You shoot kids out of a cannon? Seriously?!? Are their mothers aware of this?

    Thank you! -Evan

    1. circusimagination Post author

      Yes their moms know all about it! Wanna hear the best part? Ringmaster always asks for the parents permission before putting the kids in the cannon, and believe it or not we had NEVER heard a NO!
      Lots of love!
      Carol & Caton


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