Very Special Circus Guests

Los Banos, CA: Hello everybody! Today was another very sunny and busy day for Circus Imagination. We had 4 shows throughout the day. The first one happened at high noon and it gathered up an audience so big that some of them had to stand up outside the tent to watch the show because all the seats were already taken!

In our second show at 2 PM we had a very special animal guest appearance that doesn’t travel with the circus often but it’s definitely present at most of the fairs we are at. Let me give you a few hints:

  1. It’s part of fair livestock ;
  2. It’s a female animal;
  3. The mostly known breed for its species is white with black spots;
  4. It has hooves;
  5. It produces milk;

Did you guess it? If not check out the picture below! You can see her jumping through the hula loop of fire!

Our third show of the day at 4PM had a crowd just as big as today’s first circus. Again Circus Imagination featured another very special guest animal. And guys… by the animal trainer’s request we have to mention how much trouble it was to train this one. It’s by far the largest animal our circus has ever had. It even scared out some of our baby elephants that came backstage running when this very special guest showed up! And believe it or not our trainer was able to teach it to wear a tutu and a hat while performing the same tricks all our wild circus animals regularly do. Let’s play guess again:

  1. It’s natural habitat is the jungle;
  2. It likes to scratch its armpits;
  3. It’s big and usually black colored;
  4. Allegedly its favorite food are bananas!

Do you know what it is? Yes! It’s a gorilla! A gorilla in a tutu! Only at Circus Imagination! And for those of you who don’t believe in it here’s our proof!

Our last show of the day happened at 7 PM right as the sun was about to set. There weren’t nearly as many kids around as the precious circuses, but there was certainly enough children volunteering for us to make a big circus show!

Circus Imagination had another great day at the Merced County Spring Fair, in particular because the strong wind gusts that were blowing yesterday did take a day off! So no chasing after flying hats, props and costumes today!

We can’t believe tomorrow is already the last day of this fair! Time goes by so fast at the circus! Tomorrow (May 1st) our show times are 12 PM, 3 PM & 4 PM at the Merced County Spring Fair.

See you another time!

2 thoughts on “Very Special Circus Guests

  1. Elisa Detzel Bernert

    Ow, I love the cow! Soooo cute!
    And the gorila with the dress? owmm… Miss the magic in the circus. thanks god I have the news in my e-mail! thanks Carol! Love you guys!


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