International Circus

Today is Friday he 13th! Happy birthday to our circus friend from Brazil Ana! We love you! And well… do you know where all the buzz from Friday the 13th comes from? It’s nothing more than the intriguing link modern society has put between ancient cultures superstitious fear of Fridays and the number thirteen. As a result, the unluckiest day of the year is nothing but the union of the day believed to be the unluckiest day of the week together with the unluckiest number! Superstitions are all fun to talk about, but they have this name because they’re not true! They’re a credulous believe or notion not based upon reason or knowledge.

It’s the second day of the 2011 Salinas Valley Fair! The sky is blue, the sun is shining and Circus Imagination is rocking! – more like calliopeing…

Our first show of the day was at NOON and again we welcomed another double performer! Two in two days! Two points for the girls team! This time it was 4 year old K.K. who performed the part of Tina the Tight Rope Walker and she was also a wild pony – at least as wild as a pony can be!

Circus Imagination’s second show of the day at 2 PM was not just any circus, it was an international circus! We welcomed a troop of little Spanish wild animals! Un león, dos elefantes y dos monos locos! Hicieron tres trucos: hacerse el muerto, mostró sus garras y saltaron por el anillo de fuego! Todos a favor de la alegría de los niños y porque es súper divertido ver el maestro de ceremonias confundir su discurso!

Our third and last show at the day happened at 4 PM and it was again an international circus! Esta vez las apariciones internacionales Tina la equilibrista en la cuerda tensa y el domador de leones con sus dos animales más grandes! The audience was so full of excitement and energy encouraging all the Circus Imagination performers to do a great job! And they did! Who says language is a barrier? It’s more like a bridge, and we shall all meet in the middle!

Tomorrow Circus Imagination shows are at NOON, 2 PM & 4 PM at the 2011 Salinas Valley Fair! See you there!

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