The circus has left the building

King City, CA: Hello everybody! Today is the last day of the 2011 Salinas Valley Fair. Circus Imagination is sad to be leaving, but as we wrap this fair up the next one is already on the way! Next week we are going to be at the Chowchilla County Fair which starts on May 19th and ends on May 22nd.

Our first circus of the day was at noon and we had Tina the Tight Rope Walker who performed her act with such passion we almost forgot we are a pretend circus! We also featured Lions, Monkeys and elephants being tamed by the fearless Lion Tamer, and the Champagne Sisters all the way from Paris, France. Even though it was a small show, it was gigantic in imagination!

Our second show of the day was at 2 PM and it was unquestionably a big circus! In many uses of the word: we had a large number of kids and they were all a little older than our usual volunteers. The circus included Tina the Tight Rope Walker, the incredibly bouncy monkey Butterfly Ballerinas making their debut today at Circus Imagination! (Check the picture below) Is it because we are a circus that odd things happen in our show or is it because odd things happen in our show that we are a circus? Either way we love when they do! We also had Champagne Sisters, the great Lion Tamer and his troop of ferocious animals: two lions, a lion cub, an elephant, a leopard and a giant gorilla dressed up as a clown! There was also two cowgirls, one doing whip tricks and the other one shooting tricks. And of course our grand finale the unbelievable Human Cannon Ball!

Our third show of the day was at 4 PM and it was a great way to wrap up our run at the 2011 Salinas Valley Fair. We had a very excited Tina the Tight Rope Walker, a talented Lion Tamer that did a wonderful job with the tall lions, gorilla and pony but he just couldn’t control the lion cub! It was really funny to watch! And we had the wonderful unexpected visit of Janice the Strong Woman! She drove for six long hours with her four little kids just to be part of our circus today! What a wonderful mom! Too bad it seems she’ll be losing her job in the circus soon since when it was time for her to pick up the very heavy weight she just couldn’t do it! But that did not stop the show, because Briana the Clown suddenly appeared on stage and said she could do it! And she did! Check it out the picture below. What a strong little clown! Thank you guys for joining the circus! And Briana we are looking forward to see pictures from your porcelain doll circus show soon!


Circus Imagination would like to thank the Salinas Valley Fair for having us here this year, it was absolutely great! We would also like to thank all the children that participated in our show, and remember kids: The circus is never over because when you go home you can use your imaginations, just like Briana did, and create your very own Circus Imagination! We hope you guys had a good time and we hope to see you next year!

That’s it kids!

Ringmaster Caton & Costumier Carolina

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