Circus Loves School Tours

Sacramento, CA: Hello everybody! It’s a great day here at the Sacramento county Fair for Circus Imagination. We are happy because the weather is very nice today! Even though it was a little overcast in the morning, the skies opened up and gave room for some very welcomed sunshine!

Our first circus of the day was at 11 AM and, just like yesterday, we had an amazing audience packed with kids from ages 6 to 12 thanks to the School Tours! Circus Imagination certainly loves School Tours! From the time Tina the Tight Rope Walker stepped on stage until we shot the Human Cannon Ball out of the cannon the crowd was gasping and cheering. The volunteers and audience together had such enthusiasm they made the circus show even more enjoyable than usual! Everybody used their imaginations so much, and so well, that when it was time for the wild animals to roll over and play dead all the kids sitting on the front row stretched their little hands to pet the tall lions…. It was so cute! But too fast for me to get a picture, maybe next time! But our circus gorilla did pose for a great picture as you can see below; he was just hanging out by the costume trunk, looking cool! And if you click on the picture you can navigate into our youtube page and watch a short video from behind the curtains of our audience for this show!

At 1 PM we had our second show of the day and there were still some School tours around the fair! Enough to fill up our audience sits with very enthusiastic kids. Check out a picture of our crew of volunteers for this show taken one minute before the show started, as all the kids are dressed up and sitting down by the side of the stage!

The last Circus Imagination show of the day happened at 5:30 PM! We welcomed some great families that not only watched their kids become instant circus performers, but also encouraged them to use their imaginations! Just the way we like it! There’s nothing better for a child than time spent being a kid! And we guarantee all kids will have a great time joining the circus, or even just watching it! But be careful, because once you’re bit by the circus bee you might go home and have your own circus! Check out or 4-H Tina the Tight Rope Walker on the picture below!

That’s it for today folks!

Come watch Circus Imagination tomorrow at 11 AM, 1 PM & 5:30 PM at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair! Just look for the yellow and blue big top in Cal Expo!

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