Bye Bye Sac

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.  Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.  Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities” – Theodore Geisel

Sacramento, CA: The rain went away and the sun came to stay! So let me tell you guys about Sunday, May 29th. Circus Imagination had three shows at 11 AM, 1:30 PM & 4 PM at the Sacramento County Fair and they were all pretty busy! We almost had all the circus acts Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Sandall the Strong, Clarence and Bobo the Clown, Champagne Sisters, Butterfly Ballerinas, Cowboys, Cowgirls, and the amazing Human Cannon Ball! Check out the picture below of the second show of the day when we had the presence of the unique Circus Imagination Clown Gorilla – after rolling on the ground full of hay… primates are just so unpredictable! =]

On Memorial Day Monday Circus Imagination had its last three shows at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair! Check out on the picture below how our wild animals were extremely well behaved today, even the giant elephants! If you click on the girl in the tight rope you can watch a short video of the crowd’s favorite Tina the Tight Rope Walker of the day! She got so much praise from the audience that she just could not stop smiling on her sit for the rest of the show!

We love all the kids that volunteer in our circus, as well as the ones that sit in the audience – because when there’s an excited audience that participates by clapping and encouraging the kids that are on stage the show is 10000% better for everyone! ! It was also great to see so many little familiar faces back again, and again, and again throughout the fair!

Every time, in every event, when it gets close to the end we feel so sad about leaving, but the circus must go on to the next town! Good thing we don’t have to give our elephants a shower in between shows like those circus guys underneath from in 1966 in the Stockton Fairgrounds! (Click on the picture and read more about this great historical circus picture at

Well I guess this is goodbye! We would like to thank the Sacramento County Fair for having us here this year! We also felt energized by the positive reception of the community and we really appreciate all the comments you guys wrote down in our book! Remember if you have your own video of your child performing in Circus Imagination we would love for you to upload it into our youtube channelcircusimagination!

That’s all folks! Hope to see you again next year!

Ringmaster Caton & Costumier Carolina


One thought on “Bye Bye Sac

  1. Mary J

    I think the circus was the best show at the fair! My children loved being part of the show! Thanks a lot!


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