On the heat of the day

Stockton, CA: Hello everybody! We are so happy to be part of the 2011 San Joaquin County Fair! Today is a beautiful and sunny day, it looks like summer is finally here!
Circus Imagination’s first show of the day was at 1:30 PM, and even through it was on the heat of the day we managed to have a full show and a great audience – that staid pretty refreshed during the show underneath the misters and protected by the shade of the circus tent! The circus featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Dead Eye McBang the Cowboy, Butterfly Ballerinas, Lion Tamer and his troop of ferocious animals and the Grand Finale: Zazel the Human Cannon Ball! We had a visit from the crew of the newspaper ‘The Record’ this afternoon. They filmed our show, interviewed the volunteers and by tomorrow everybody can watch the piece about Circus Imagination on their website! (I’ll put a link here as soon as it comes out!) Below is a picture of two very special volunteers, 6 year-old Emily and 8 year-old Elizabeth from Stockton, Ca. Thank you for joining the show girls, you were amazing in your performances!

imageThe second show of the day was at 4:30 PM and it was a very nice show, I must say. All our volunteers were so inspired it was a delight to watch them perform! You can see the group of  wild animals showing their claws with such grace in the picture below. The show featured 15 kids, ages 5 to 13.

The third and last show of the day happened at 7 PM, as the sun was getting ready to set giving us the full extent of its shininess. Circus Imagination had Tina the tight Rope Walker, the amazing Champagne Sisters all the way from Paris, France to Stockton, California and the talented Lion Tamer with his group of trained lions, leopards, monkeys and elephants!

It was a wonderful first day for Circus Imagination here at the 2011 San Joaquin County Fair! Thank you to all our volunteers for joining and to all our audience for the cheering!

See you later aligator!


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