Clowning around!

Stockton, CA: Hello everybody! It’s a hot day here at the 2011 San Joaquin County Fair! So warm we had the misters on all day underneath the circus tent! It’s amazing how much a little spraying water can cool us out so much! The sits underneath the misters were full all day long, not only during the show!
Well our first show of the day was at 1:30 PM and the circus featured Tina The Tight Rope Walker, Bobo the Clown chasing six Butterfly Ballerinas, Marco the Wild Animal trainer and his troop of lions, Champagne Sisters and 7 year-old Ellalyn as the amazing Human Cannon Ball – see her being lowered into the cannon on the picture below! image
Circus Imagination’s second show of the day was at 4:30 PM and it was so much fun! When it was time for the Butterfly Ballerinas to dance on the stage one of them started running around the stage, while two other twirled around in different corners of the carpet and another little one just stood in place and looked confused… Yes, chaos definetly makes our show better! And it makes the Ringmaster work and the audience laught! This circus featured two very special performers: 14 year-old Alissa and 16 year-old Christina, from Lodi, CA; as Clara and Clarissa the Circus Butterfly Collecting Clowns! Check out their picture below!image
The last show of the day was at 7 PM and it featured 6 acts and about 25 children from ages 4 to 15! Our audience seats were all taken and we pretty much ran out of animal costumes – check out our troop of wild animals working hard as the sun shine on their faces on the picture below! image
Well, that’s all folks!
See you tomorrow at the fair!

2 thoughts on “Clowning around!

  1. maria torres

    Our whole family loved your show, our little girl was Tina and she came home and started playing circus again for us! Hope to see your circus back nenx year at the fair


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