A new fair every week!

Susanville, CA: Hello ladies and jellybeans! Circus Imagination is happy to be back here at the 2011 Lassen County Fair! The fair is located at 195 Russell Avenue Susanville, CA 96130-4215 and it’s open every day until next Sunday!

The fair opened yesterday and we had three shows: NOON, 2PM & 5PM. On the first show we had a 6 year-old cowboy who made our days! He was full of spirit and wit, just like a cowboy should be! The second show had Tina the Tight Rope Walker, a very energetic Lion Tamer and his ferocious lions, tigers and bears! We also featured the amazing Champagne Sisters from Paris, France – check them out on the picture below – and the almost unbelievable Human Cannon ball! The third show was one of those funny ones… with a couple 4 year-old safety advisors running by the stage here and then!

Today we had three more shows! The first one at NOON started a little slow, I guess we can blame it on the heat, and on the fact that we cleared out our audience when all the kids sitting there volunteered to join the show! The second show of the day was at 2 PM and it was quite busy, we had the greatly talented 3 year-old Animal Trainer with his odd group of wild lions, monkeys and laughing elephants – check them out on the picture below! We also had Calamity Oakley the Cowgirls doing her amazing whip tricks, Champagne Sisters and our famous circus dare-devil Zazel the Human Cannon Ball!

The third show of the day at 5 PM was awesome and full of bouncy kids! We had Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Wild Animal Trainer and his clown gorilla and lions, Champagne Sisters, and for the first time at the 2011 Lassen County Fair the magical Butterfly Ballerinas and the daring Zazel the human Cannon Ball!

That’s all for today folks! We’ll see you tomorrow at the Lassen County Fair! Just look for the giant blue and yellow circus tent and you’ll find us easily! Join the circus for free with fair admission! For more information about the fair such as admission prices and hours call the main office at (530) 251- 8900 or click on the link below to be redirected to the fair website!

1 thought on “A new fair every week!

  1. CAROL

    As the Ringmaster lowers the dare-devil into the cannon he asked the parents: Is it alright if I put your kid inside this cannon and blast him away? Shove him in! – his dad shouted from the audience!


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