Yey Yo Yuba!

Yuba City, CA: Hello everybody! Today was opening day for the 2011 Yuba Sutter Fair and Circus Imagination had 2 shows!
First show of the day was at 6:30 PM and we featured the performance of 7 year-old Gaby from Yuba City, CA as the beautiful Tina the Tight Rope Walker – check out her picture below. Circus also had the daring Marquina the Lion Tamer and her troop of ferocious lions, monkeys and semi-trained elephants! Finishing up with the talented Calamity Oakley the Cowgirl!
The second show of the day had the adorable participation of talented 9 year-old Amelia, from Yuba City, Ca as a double-performer: She was Tina the Tight Rope Walker and also Clarissa the butterfly collecting clown! Check out her picture below! (If you see the similarities between her and Tina from the first show it’s not your imagination, they’re sisters!) The circus also featured the adorable Butterfly Ballerinas, a cowgirl and the Champagne Sisters, from Paris, France.
We’ll be back tomorrow, same show times, at the 2011 Yuba Sutter Fair!


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