On the heat of the moo-ment!

Yuba, CA: Hello everybody! Today Circus Imagination had 3 shows at the 2011 Yuba County Fair! The first one was at 2 PM and featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Wild Animal Traine and her troop of ferocious animals, the beautiful Butterfly Ballerinas, the amazing cowgirl and Zazel the unbelievable Human Cannon Ball – Check her picture below! The second and third shows of today were at 4 PM & 6 PM and were both wonderfully full of excited new volunteers and even more enthusiastic “repeaters”.
The fair theme this year is “Dance to the moo-sic!” So today the fair hosted a cow costume contest and Circus Imagination “sponsored” one of our all-the-time volunteers to be in it! Her name is Ajulene, she’s 5 years old and she has been EVERY part in the circus that the costume fits her! We had a wonderful time at the contest and got 3rd place! Check out her picture below!
We’ll see you tomorrow at the fair at 2 PM, 4 PM & 6 PM!


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