Ask not what fun does for you.

Ask rather what you do for fun!

Imperial, CA: Hello ladies and jellybeans! Circus Imagination is happy to be at our first fair of the 2012 season: California Mid-Winter Fair.

It has been breezy over here! A little too much yesterday… the 60mph winds and dust storms hit Imperial Valley hard, and the fair stayed closed on Tuesday as a safety precaution.

In the other hand, this morning it was a bright and early start! We had a great and busy 11:30 AM show for the School Tours and we will be posting the video recording from this presentation on our youtube page in HD soon!

We have had a chance to use some of our new costumes; they really bright up the scene! You can see better in the pictures above the new lions and tigers and the new Tina the Tight Rope Walker with the rainbow skirt! I’ll try to get clearer pictures and close-ups later this week of all the other new costumes!

We have two more shows today at 4:30PM & 6 PM! Same times for tomorrow’s shows (Thursday – March 8th).

Friday, March 9th: 4:30PM & 6:30PM.

Saturday, March 10th: 2:30PM, 4PM, 5:30PM & 7PM.

Sunday, March 11th: 2:30PM, 4:30PM & 6:30PM.


See you later alligator!


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