School Tours Video

Imperial, CA: Hello everybody! Here is the recording of the 11:30 AM Circus Imagination show at the California Mid-Winter Fair on Wednesday, March 7th 2012!

It was a very funny and busy show featuring Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Marco the amazing animal trainer and his troop of wild lions, tigers, monkeys, elephants… The acrobat Champagne Sisters from Paris, France, The Butterfly Ballerinas and Clarence the Clown, Dead Eye McBang our Cowboy and even the incredible Zazel the Human Cannon Ball!

We did record this show in HD but unfortunately our internet connection at the moment doesn’t allow us to upload it in high quality. But this video will be available in HD after March 14th on our youtube channel ( So… if you were part of the show and want to save this memory, check back in a week, then you’ll be able to download this video for FREE in High Definition so you can watch it in your TV as many times as you want!

To watch the video click on the picture below!

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