Costumes in the oven!


Calistoga,CA: We only have one more week for making new costumes before we get on the road! Enough time to make 10 new Butterfly Ballerina wings and 3 new clown costumes! I’m so excited!
Once we get on the road I’ll take pictures of the kids in the new costumes for all to see!

We have so many new costumes this year, check it out:
-Tina the Tight Ripe Walker skirt,
– 2 new lion jumpsuits and mascot heads,
– 2 new tiger jumpsuits and mascot heads,
– 2 new bears jumpsuits and ear/muzzle hoodies,
– 2 custom designed French hats for the Champagne Sisters to match with their sparkly new outfits;
– 2 new bright red Human Cannon Ball jumpsuits,
– Custom designed cowgirl costume with fringes,
– Custom designed cowboy shirt with leather patches,
– New strongman suit and shinny hat!

Circus Imagination 2012 version is going to be even brighter and more fun than before! Get ready kids for a year of fun!

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