Let’s Clown Around!

Los Banos, CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination is here at the 2012 Merced Spring Fair! Today was the first day of the fair and we had two shows, one at 3 PM another at 5 PM. They were both great! We love being here!
On our first show a mom came over backstage and said something I have to share with you guys: “We have been coming to the fair to be part of Circus Imagination for the past five years. This show, right now, was a milestone to our family. Today was the first time our youngest son joined the circus and also the first time that our eldest son did not.” Oh well… we are sad we lost one performer, but very happy to have the next generation lined up to have tons of fun with us for the years to come!

Our volunteers today were so full of enthusiasm they really were the stars of the show! Below are the names of today’s “actors” part of the second show and present in the picture montage below!

  • Champagne Sisters: Katarina, 6 years old & Samantha, 8 years old, both from Merced,CA;
  • Wild Lions: Joshua, 9 years old & Julien, 8 years old, from Los Banos,CA;
  • Wild Animal Trainer: Natalia, 7 years old from Los Banos,CA;
  • Tina the Tight Rope Walker and CrazyMonkey: Giana, 5 years old, from Los Banos,CA;

Good job to everybody that was in the circus today! You guys were awesome! We’ll see you at the fair!


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