We love to Clown Around

Chowchilla, CA: Hello world! Where do I start? Today was a very busy day for Circus Imagination here at the 2012 Chowchilla Madera County Fair! Our first show today was at 11:30 AM and it was one of a kind, we had 3 toddlers in it! It was a funny chaotic one-act circus, check out the picture below.

Our second show at 2:30 PM was a very big one and we posted the video on our youtube page! http://www.youtube.com/CircusImagination Click on the little camera below to watch it!

We are a children participatory circus, so we pick kids out of the audience to be part of our show. We ask them to show us big smiles to get picked, instead of the regular hands up. Look at those great smiles below!

In between our shows we always have some goofy kids hanging around… So why not play around a little and document them embarrassing themselves? Check out the two silly clown strong dudes below and the clown balancing the cane right next to them! Here at Circus Imagination a clown nose is like a green light to silliness, and if you can laugh at yourself, oh well… everybody else can too!

Our last show of the day was at 5:30PM and we had a bunch of come-backers! Below are our adorable Champagne Sister from Paris, France – the Circus Imagination acrobats.

Look at that… we all love to clown around! I’m pretty surprised I could convince 3 girls to get their faces painted like clowns!! And take a look at the upgrade on the Champagne sisters face design! Those girls below stayed at the circus all day hanging out! They played around our set so much that after our last show they put up their own circus for us to watch! It was so great! They had the Champagne Sisters act, the strongman and even a quick wild animal presentation! Too bad the Beatles cover band was going on at the same time on the main stage so my video of them doing the circus has bad sound. We love seeing that because that’s our main goal here: to get kids to use their imaginations and play outside! These girls will definitely go home and have their own circus!

Thank you to everybody that joined and watched our show today! You guys are great!

Oh well that’s it for today! See you guys tomorrow!


HEY GREG!à P.S.: Something else happened today worth mentioning. Right after our second show we had a parent come up to tell us he was a dragon at Circus Imagination in the late 1990s at the Merced Spring Fair! He remembered Caton “being this tall” – as he pointed out at his waist – and running around. That was when Greg Hegwer was the Ringmaster & Criss Raintree the Costumier! (For those of you who don’t know Carol & Caton are the second generation, Caton’s parents started the whole thing in the late 1980s with a couple friends).

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