The Circus is in town!

Sacramento, CA: Hello world! Circus Imagination is here at the 2012 Sacramento County Fair! This is our second year at this fair and we love to be here performing at the Ringmaster’s hometown!

The Sac County Fair theme this year is “Eat, Have Fun & Celebrate the Red White and Blue” the fair started today and it ends on Monday, May 28th – Memorial Day. For more information about the fair check their website or contact the main fair office at (916) 263-2975. Click HERE to download the whole fair schedule.

Circus Imagination Show Times for this week are:


























Today was a very busy day for us we had a total of 4 shows! On the first two shows we were happy to welcome the SCHOOL TOURS at 9:30AM & 11AM! Meaning we had a bunch of hyper kids very willing to join the circus! We maxed out on those first shows reaching our maximum of volunteers – about 30-35 kids per show! It was so great we just looove filling up all those parts because we get to do the acts we don’t usually do all the time such as the circus Strongman!

At our last two shows we had about 15-20 volunteers at a time, they were a little more calm but had just as much fun! Below are some pictures of the highlights of the day!

Thank you to all the kids who joined our show today! You guys were awesome! You are the stars of the show! Don’t forget to have your own circus in your own backyard!

1 Marco the Lion Tamer and his ferocious animals!

2 All the volunteers from the School Tours!

3 Costumier doing hoop tricks before the show!

4 Circus Imagination’s petting zoo!

5 The amazing Zazel the Human Cannon Ball!

6 You think one kid makes a mess? How about 30? =]

7 Tina the Tight Rope Walker!

That’s it for today folks! See you tomorrow at the fair!

In the beginning it was fun. In the end, it was all for fun. And in between is where it tickles most!

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