Ringmaster Slang

The Circus is a magical industry and it has an incredible background in history. Long before all modern technology – such as loud speakers and electric strobe lights these performers and producers were bold, inventive and innovative. Afraid of no judgment, well spoken and talented many of the stories of these old time circus people can be found at this great website www.circushistory.org here’s one of my favorites!

A Live Circus Agent Let Loose in the Sanctum

“I would like to write a short notice for the Sells Brothers’ Circus,” said the circus agent, after introducing himself to the Poo Bah of the intellectual department of this journal continuing.

      “We exhibit May 13th and our advertisement appears in your columns.”

      “What kind of a show have the Sells Brothers got?” we ventured to ask.

      “It is not a show,” responded the avant courier, “but a three ply concern; and obliging original obviously observed offering overwhelming outviewing over-throwing opposition ostentatious olla podria of oriental or occidental oppulent omnium gatherum. Several singular separate solid superior surprising superlatively sensational successful stupendous shows, masterly magnificent multifarious maifold, massive marvelous might miraculous monster museums, mastadon menagerie unrivaled unapproachable, unequaled unparalled unquestionably useful – unequivocally unique union unconditionally unobjectionable unomitted unbounded combined concrete colossal cyclopean culminated carefull conceived circus concentration, cabinic, coalescence, chief concerted conglomeration competently calculated, capital captivating calisthenic classical coagmented caravan costly coveted crowning circensian, coactive climax chronicaled choicedrawn chaste catholic challenge competing composite collective colligated cohesive coefficient commanding ceremonious centralized composition,” and as he -?- the dictionary he never stopped to -?- breath.

      “How long shall I make it?’ inquired the wordy scribe, as he prepared to write drawing twelve pointed -?- from his pocket.

      “Well, say three columns,” we modestly suggested.

From: Sumner County Standard (Wellington, KS), April 30, 1886.

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