Strawberry Fun

Monterey,CA: Hello everybody! We are here at the Monterey County Fair for the 5th year, we have to say, it gets better everytime!
Our show times this week are 1PM, 3PM & 5PM.
We absolutely love being here! The fair theme this year is “very berry extraordinary” with the support from the California Strawberry Industry the fair is fruity and extra sweet this year! They even made one of the World’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake at the fair this last Thursday! You could smell it from 30 feet away! Look at the picture below.


Worlds largest strawberry shortcake

Here at the circus we have welcomed back many familiar faces, lots of our volunteers look the same but  are surprisingly taller. Good thing we have designed a bunch of new tall costumes such as the ferocious lions, the tutu tigers, the new muscular circus strongman, the primates fuzzy the orangotang and Mr. gorilla clown and even butterfly ballerina elephants!


Butterfly Ballerina ELEPHANTS


Miss Gorilla Clown


Tutu Tiger

The Monterey County kids sure do have an amazing imagination. Some funny moments we have captured in our videos this week! To list a few:

-Random Screaming Butterfly Ballerina: She was so excited to be in the show she could not contain herself! After the girls came back from the act and sat down she kept on running around the stage, as the show continued! So funny!


Stampeding Elephant

-Stampeding elephant: They are such a perfect casting fit! About 4-6 yeard old they seldom misbehave, refuse to do the tricks with the wild animals and stampede the audience! Good thing they look so adorable along the way!

We also have new Champagne Sisters costumes, check out some of our friends of the circus below modeling them for us!


Champagne Sisters


Circus Butterfly Fairies

Come on over be part of the Circus at the 2012 Monterey County Fair. We have parts for Human Cannon Balls, Tight Rope Walkers, Wild Animals, Cowboys & Cowgirls so much more! Below are some more pictures of the stars of the show: the kids!






2 thoughts on “Strawberry Fun


    Carolina~ Fantastic! The new costumes look great, the face painting is amazing, the kids are all adorable. Love the smiles and the excitement evident everywhere! You two do such a terrific job. I love seeing how the circus has grown and that’s just from still pictures! It’s been years since I’ve seen it in person. I am really looking forward to the next time. Today I was asked if Circus Imagination will be able to perform at the 10 year anniversary of Youth Expo. That is the hometown (Garden Valley) event where Greg and I presented the circus for the first time in this area. They came to see us perform in Placerville, scouting out how Kids Expo hosted a similar day and contacted us soon after. It was my introduction to some amazing people who have become very good friends. I explained that you are booked elsewhere once again (Caton has said he’d like to come back and reprise what his parents did when we first moved to this area) and that I know you would if you could. Maybe someday……….. I’ve completed stuffing Elisa’s mom’s lavender blossom eye pillow and wonder how she is doing. I’d like to know her first name, too, please. If you would, I’d appreciate it if you would give it to her the next time you see her. Love and miss you, Criss


    1. Carolina Souza Raintree-Hegwer Post author

      Thank you so much Criss your words are always so sweet, full of support and enthusiasm! I am working on a video with the best – funniest circus moments from this year, we can all watch it together when its done!
      About performing in Garden Valley, maybe we can try and schedule it for a different time other than that specific event so we can make it happen! I would totally love to!
      Elisa’s Mom’s name is Denize. She is going to love the eye pillow! She’s very earthy. =]
      You are wonderful! Love you more!
      Maybe we’ll see you next week when we are in Auburn!


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