One Season Ends… Another Begins!

Curitiba, Brazil: Hello world! Circus Imagination has already wrapped up the 2012 Fairs & Festivals season. Soon you can check out our year ´round statistics, which will include how many events we were part of this year, how many shows we had and even an estimative of how many children dressed up and joined the circus!

Right now is time for us to work on making things even better for next year! It´s a lot of work, we have new costumes, new acts, new circus abilities classes and an awesome and interactive website in the oven.

Check soon at

If you were part of our acting/volunteer crew in 2012 check the blog you might find your picture, or even a video of your performance on our youtube page

We would like to thank everybody that had fun with us this year, and get ready because Circus Imagination version 2013 is going to blow your imagination away!





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