First Fair of the Season

Yuma,AZ: Hello world! Circus Imagination is happy to be starting a brand new fair season here at the 2013 Yuma County Fair!


Our show times for the week are:

TUE: 4PM, 6PM & 8PM
WED: 1PM,  3:30PM & 5:30PM
THU: 1:30PM, 3:30PM & 6PM
FRI: 2PM, 4PM & 6:30PM
SAT: 12PM, 3:30PM & 6PM
SUN: 2PM, 4PM & 6PM

Check back for more pictures and updates!
See you later!

2 thoughts on “First Fair of the Season

  1. Circus Mama

    First fair of the season and late show times today. How is sunny Arizona? We’ll be looking forward to some pics of the Circus soon.

    1. Carolina Souza Raintree-Hegwer Post author

      Arizona is sunny, hot and a little dusty! But it’s been wonderful, we love the Yuma County Fair! We already have a handful or “regulars” that come back to be in our show and to help out too!
      See ya soon! We will be back at home on Tuesday!


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