On the Road Again…


Somerset, CA: So another season starts! Hooray! This winter our little circus got so many amazing upgrades! Curious? I’m sure you guys will love them all!

First of all we have a new backdrop! (The big hand painted canvas that hangs between the ladders) We have been using the beautiful artwork of Criss Raintree (Caton’s Mom) for many years, and we have been thinking about “retiring” it for a while, but the amount of work and patience it takes to hand paint a canvas that big kept us from it. Until now! 

We also have spent all winter creating adorably cute cartoon-like circus characters! They are featured on the new backdrop, will soon be in our website and also in the buttons/badges we have as souvenirs of the show.

We have a new circus act! Yay Yeah! It’s called: “The Flying Circus.” Let me tell you a little bit about it. Taking in consideration how much kids play video games in their little electronic devices, we decided to take one of those famous video games and turn it into a real life game! So we took the whole concept of Angry Birds and transformed it into a human slingshot game! You are going to have to wait and see! 

Now we are on our way to our first fair: Pinal County Fair in AZ! It starts next week and I promise to post many new pictures then!

May this 2014 season be even more fun than the last!

See you at the fair!


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