NEW BEAR HEADS! Bobble Head Club

Somerset, CA: Hello everybody! Winter is the time when the circus gets upgraded and props get rebuild. There’s a lot going on in my sewing room right now and these two just got finished!

We have another 4 big heads, lions and tigers, which are a VERY big hit in our little circus, kids love them! Usually those parts / costumes are filled by kids ages 8 to 14.
The bear costume, on the other hand, is designed for much smaller kids, younger than 8. That’s why in the past I have made them a smaller bear mask, but since they have been feeling left out from the “big bobble head club” here they are.
I can’t wait to see how cute and funny they’ll look wearing those giant teddy bear heads! Our first fair of the season is going to be Pinal, AZ. We will post pictures then!
Thanks for keeping up!
See you soon!

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