New Design Ringmaster Jacket

Somerset, CA: Hello there “imaginators”. Yeah, if you’re into Circus Imagination that’s what you’re called from now on.
I feel very accomplished this week because I finally finished sewing the new ringmaster jacket! It has a total of 67 fabric pieces and 28 buttons and trims. That’s a lot. It took me a total of 25 hours to put it together and 3 trips to Jo Ann’s.

Basically it’s the same pattern as the old jacket that I made in 2010. There are pictures of it at the bottom. The difference is:

– Stronger fabric, same bottom weight type 100% cotton, but thicker
– Black detail in front instead of white (the white is picture perfect but very hard to clean) and trim around it
– Flat and higher quality buttons (last ones were dome-shaped and got bent)
– More interface (easier to iron)
– Thinner shoulder tassels
Here’s the “old” ringmaster:


Because handmade is better and craft comes before housework in the dictionary!
Do you wish to learn how to sew? All you need is a sewing machine, some fabric & thread and the Internet! Here’s one of my favorite sewing resources online (besides YouTube tutorials).

See you when we finish another project! I’ll give you a hint: there’s a new act in the show! It’s very…. Magical.

4 thoughts on “New Design Ringmaster Jacket

  1. Criss

    Love the newest Ringmaster jacket….I like how you decided to do the fringe and the lines/curves of the braid trim are really nice–can’t wait to see Caton in it.


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