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Pictures and stories from the past of our family business!

Flashback: 1988

Here are some pictures of the circus 24 years ago! Caton’s dad was the ringmaster, his sister the stage helper and his mom the costumier! Oh, and from the stories I heard from friends of the family Caton was pretty much everything. I’m not sure if that means everything he wanted or every part in the show. Those who know him know the answer!

Greg Hegwer (Red& White striped jacked) – The Ringmaster,

Sloan (purple shirt) – Backstage Manager,

Caton (black & white striped shirt) – Troublemaker,

2 Boys (superman shirt & white shirt) – Circus Volunteers.


Caton, Greg & Sloan from left to right.

I believe this picture above is from an act that no longer exists in the show. It was a magic act that involved making Caton disappear from the inside of that yellow & blue trunk.

“The imagination imitates. It is the critical spirit that creates” – Oscar Wilde

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