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On our way to Monterey

heartpostersideASomerset,CA: Circus Imagination is packed and ready to take the train on the road to another event! This year the theme for the 2013 Monterey County Fair is “At the Heart of It All” check more info by clicking here.
Fair starts on Aug 28th and ends on September 2nd. Circus Imagination will have daily shows, free of cost, just pay to get into the fair.
Check back for more pictures and some really funny videos we are planning to shoot with the kids on this next week for our youtube channel!
See you later alligator!


Monterey County Fair Video

Monterey,CA: Here’s a video of the entire show on Sunday, September 2nd at the 2012 Monterey County Fair! Click here to see it in our youtube channel!


Strawberry Fun

Monterey,CA: Hello everybody! We are here at the Monterey County Fair for the 5th year, we have to say, it gets better everytime!
Our show times this week are 1PM, 3PM & 5PM.
We absolutely love being here! The fair theme this year is “very berry extraordinary” with the support from the California Strawberry Industry the fair is fruity and extra sweet this year! They even made one of the World’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake at the fair this last Thursday! You could smell it from 30 feet away! Look at the picture below.


Worlds largest strawberry shortcake

Here at the circus we have welcomed back many familiar faces, lots of our volunteers look the same but  are surprisingly taller. Good thing we have designed a bunch of new tall costumes such as the ferocious lions, the tutu tigers, the new muscular circus strongman, the primates fuzzy the orangotang and Mr. gorilla clown and even butterfly ballerina elephants!


Butterfly Ballerina ELEPHANTS


Miss Gorilla Clown


Tutu Tiger

The Monterey County kids sure do have an amazing imagination. Some funny moments we have captured in our videos this week! To list a few:

-Random Screaming Butterfly Ballerina: She was so excited to be in the show she could not contain herself! After the girls came back from the act and sat down she kept on running around the stage, as the show continued! So funny!


Stampeding Elephant

-Stampeding elephant: They are such a perfect casting fit! About 4-6 yeard old they seldom misbehave, refuse to do the tricks with the wild animals and stampede the audience! Good thing they look so adorable along the way!

We also have new Champagne Sisters costumes, check out some of our friends of the circus below modeling them for us!


Champagne Sisters


Circus Butterfly Fairies

Come on over be part of the Circus at the 2012 Monterey County Fair. We have parts for Human Cannon Balls, Tight Rope Walkers, Wild Animals, Cowboys & Cowgirls so much more! Below are some more pictures of the stars of the show: the kids!






Monterey County Fair Mural

Monterey, Ca: Circus Imagination had a wonderful time this year at the Monterey County Fair!
We would like to thank the fair for having us back this year, our wonderful audience for all the energy and of course, the talented local kids that volunteered to be in our show and became instant circus performers!
We hope to see you all soon! Come visit us at the Santa Cruz County Fair in a couple weeks!
The photos in the montage below were all taken during Circus Imagination shows during the 2011 Monterey County Fair!
That’s all folks!

P.S.: If you have a video of your child – for the parents, or your friend – for the teenagers, link it to our YouTube channel – CircusImagination – we would love to see it! Or send it to us at

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – A.E.


Horse ‘N Around

Monterey, CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination has been very busy here at the 2011 Monterey County Fair, so let’s catch up!
The first picture below is from Friday’s shows. The highlights are Tina the Tight Rope Walker and Calamity Oakley the Cowgirl – she cames back to be part of our show every year at the MCF since the first time Circus Imagination was here at this fair!
Saturday’s picture is the next one below with the Butterfly Ballerinas and the Cupcake Eating Competition hosted by the Ringmaster & judged by Costumier. It was sponsored by Mrs Delish Designer Cupcakes – who presented us with some out of this world cupcakes! The cherry bomb was definetly my favorite!
Today (Sunday) we had three awesome shows with great and enthusiastic kids and even a come-backer that was part of our show 4 years ago at the Kids Fest in Concord, CA – he is the lion tamer in the last set of pictures with the red curtains. Right next to him check out our new orangutan costume! Isn’t him fuzzy and hugable!?!
We have a couple more pictures to share. Since the fair theme this year is Horse ‘N Around at the fair the Circus Imagination poneys have been on the spotlight day after day! They are such a big hit nobody can get enough of their cuteness!  Photographer Mike Beck took a picture of our circus poney going through the ring of fire! Check it down below!
Last but not least is a picture of Ringmaster Caton & Costumier Carolina with a couple of our darling Circus Friends Wendy Brickman and Jody Hansen!
See you later aligators!
Tomorrow is the last day for Circus Imagination here at the 2011 Monterey County Fair, we have three shows at 1 PM, 3 PM & 5 PM! Come be a circus performer for a day under the blue & yellow Big Top!


Fun at the fair!

Monterey, CA: Hello e everybody! Today Circus Imagination had three shows at the 2011Monterey County Fair. We had a wonderful time throughout the day with all the kids that volunteered and also with the ones that only watched our show! Check out some pictures below of our volunteers for this Thursday!
See you guys tomorrow at the fair!


Fun times at the bay area

Monterey, CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination is now at the 2011 Monterey County Fair! We have three daily shows until Labor Day Monday always on the following times: 1 PM, 3 PM & 5 PM!
Today our first show of the day was a great way to start the fair! We had Tina the Tight Rope Walker, a very happy Wild Animal trainer taming his wild older Lion brother – check their picture out below!
Our second show at 3 PM was just adorable! Most of our volunteers were younger than 4 years old! Check out our Butterfly Ballerinas and Clarence & Bobo the clowns fooling around on the stage on the picture below.
Third and last show of the day was at 5 PM and it featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Wild Animal Trainer and his troop of ferocious lions, monkeys and elephants, the amazing Champagne Sisters from Paris, France and Zazel the Human Cannon Ball – Check the last one out on the picture below!
Come find us underneath the Big Top at the Monterey County Fair. The fair is located at 886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA. For more information call the main office at (831) 648 – 4888 or find it online at
See you guys later!