GIANT Bubble Wand and Magic Soap Mix Tutorial

Somerset, CA: Hello Ladies & Jellybeans!

Here’s our long promised tutorials on how to make our amazing giant soap bubble mix and on how to create your very own giant bubble wand at home!

Giant Magic Soap Bubble Mix

Giant Bubble Wand Tutorial

Stay tuned! We’ll be back with more bubble tutorials in the future!


The Flying Circus ->NEW ACT

We took everyone’s favorite game ANGRY BIRDS and turned into a real life game! Actually,  into a new Circus Imagination act!
Hanz & Franz are our strong man from Germany in a quest to free the runaway piggie from livestock. To assist them with this chore we have a very advanced piece of German artillery: a slingshot. Starring as the main stars of this Flying Circus act are the angry lion, the angry bear and the angry tiger! If their aim fails there’s a football shaped angry giraffe to come save the day!
Here’s a video:

The Kids Are In The Ring


Howard Yune/ Napa Valley Register

Under the not-so-big tent of Circus Imagination, spectators on hay bales could see lions, a lion tamer, tigers and the Champagne Sisters acrobats. Only instead of literal animals and death-defying performers, the circus master, Caton Raintree-Hegwer, called for little volunteers from the hay-bale bleachers to do more than watch the show – but rather to become, with costumes and make-believe, Tina the Tightrope Walker, Sandow the Strong, Deadeye McBang.

“We’ll stick a brave dude – or lady – and blast ‘em away before your very own eyes!” Raintree-Hegwer, dressed in a red topcoat and black top hat, shouted in a super-caffeinated patter mixing carnival barker with boxing ring announcer – and sounding much like the boy that Raintree-Hegwer, 36, confesses to still be at heart, nearly 15 years after taking over the traveling attraction from his father.

“When I pick up the microphone,

I’m 10 years old again, playing make-believe with my friends,” said Raintree-Hegwer, who leads up to 300 performances a year in the Western states with his wife, Carolina. “It’s not a job so much as it is a lifestyle.”…

He and Carolina, who are based in Garden Valley in El Dorado County, bring their costumes, props and blue-and-yellow tent to fairs as distant as Hawaii, Washington state and Utah – and to the Napa fair for three performances on each of its five days.

“The amount of energy we put out to keep up with 30 sugar-hyped kids takes a lot of us, but when you you were a kid, you never thought about how much energy you were using,” he said before Sunday’s first performance. “You were in the moment. You just had fun.

“What gets me is seeing parents who say, ‘Oh my kids are too shy for this!’ And then they perform excellently, and we’ve opened away to a range of creativity for them.”

Circus Imagination’s opening show on Sunday reached its climax with the hazardous-sounding Ring of Fire. One by one, the play-acting lions and tigers took their jumps – through a Hula-Hoop strung with flame-red streamers – amid a final round of applause from their parents.

As the show wound down, the circus master asked one favor of the departing children — that they let their creativity and playfulness flow, rather than go dormant in front of a screen.

“Don’t just watch TV,” Raintree-Hegwer exhorted his young spectators-turned-performers. “Find some Halloween costumes and things, and find your own circus imagination!”…

Read the story live at:

Read more here:


New Silly Clown Goggles 

Somerset, CA: Hello everyone! Here’s the Circus Imagination version of the perfect silly clown goggles, easy to put on, comfortable and already come with their own noses! 

Want to make your own? You’ll need:

  • Funny dollar store glasses
  • Hot glue
  • Elastic hair bands
  • Colorful buttons
  • Scissors
  • Foam Clown nose 

Break the part of the glasses that goes over the ears off, cut the elastic hair bands in half, hot glue the band in place, cover the glue spot by glueing the button over. Slightly open foam clown nose up, place a “v” of hot glue on the opening and glue it to the nose part of the glasses. Done!

NEW! Exclusive Circus Printables! Coloring Pages and Crossword!

Somerset, CA: Hello Everybody! As you know I’ve been drawing every one of our circus characters. I believe I’m half way in, there’s a lot of them! You can see them around the circus website, soon they’ll all be in the Characters tab, together with their respective biographies.

Today I turned all the characters drawings I’ve done so far into coloring pages and into a Circus Imagination Crossword Puzzle!

Check them out on the circus website or click on the PLAY tab.

Check out these exclusive Circus Imagination Printables!

TO SAVE: Right click and Save Image As.

TO PRINT: Click to open image then Press CRTL + P.

Name PREVIEW JPEG Image (low res) PDF File (high res)
Circus Imagination CROSSWORD circus imagination CROSSWORD jpeg.jpg circus imagination CROSSWORD.pdf
Coloring Page ANIMAL TRAINER coloring page ANIMAL TRAINER jpeg.jpg coloring page ANIMAL TRAINER.pdf
Coloring Page CANNON BALL PIC TRACE coloring page CANNON BALL PIC TRACE jpeg.jpg coloring page CANNON BALL PIC TRACE.pdf
Coloring Page CHAMPAGNE SISTERS coloring page CHAMPAGNE SISTERS jpeg.jpg coloring page CHAMPAGNE SISTERS.pdf
Coloring Page CIRCUS TENT coloring page CIRCUS TENT jpeg.jpg coloring page CIRCUS TENT.pdf
Coloring Page CLOWN coloring page CLOWN jpeg.jpg coloring page CLOWN.pdf
Coloring Page COSTUMIER coloring page COSTUMIER jpeg.jpg coloring page COSTUMIER.pdf
Coloring Page FLYING CIRCUS coloring page FLYING CIRCUS jpeg.jpg coloring page FLYING CIRCUS.pdf
Coloring Page FLYING MONKEYS coloring page FLYING MONKEYS jpeg.jpg coloring page FLYING MONKEYS.pdf
Coloring Page GORILLA coloring page GORILLA jpeg.jpg coloring page GORILLA.pdf
Coloring Page HUMAN CANNON BALL coloring page HUMAN CANNON BALL jpeg.jpg coloring page CANNON BALL.pdf
Coloring Page LION coloring page LION jpeg.jpg coloring page LION.pdf
Coloring Page RINGMASTER coloring page RINGMASTER jpeg.jpg coloring page RINGMASTER.pdf
Coloring Page TIGER coloring page TIGER jpeg.jpg coloring page TIGER.pdf
Coloring Page TINA TIGHT ROPE WALKER coloring page TINA TIGHT ROPE jpeg.jpg coloring page TINA TIGHT ROPE.pdf
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New Design Ringmaster Jacket

Somerset, CA: Hello there “imaginators”. Yeah, if you’re into Circus Imagination that’s what you’re called from now on.
I feel very accomplished this week because I finally finished sewing the new ringmaster jacket! It has a total of 67 fabric pieces and 28 buttons and trims. That’s a lot. It took me a total of 25 hours to put it together and 3 trips to Jo Ann’s.

Basically it’s the same pattern as the old jacket that I made in 2010. There are pictures of it at the bottom. The difference is:

– Stronger fabric, same bottom weight type 100% cotton, but thicker
– Black detail in front instead of white (the white is picture perfect but very hard to clean) and trim around it
– Flat and higher quality buttons (last ones were dome-shaped and got bent)
– More interface (easier to iron)
– Thinner shoulder tassels
Here’s the “old” ringmaster:


Because handmade is better and craft comes before housework in the dictionary!
Do you wish to learn how to sew? All you need is a sewing machine, some fabric & thread and the Internet! Here’s one of my favorite sewing resources online (besides YouTube tutorials).

See you when we finish another project! I’ll give you a hint: there’s a new act in the show! It’s very…. Magical.