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Santa Cruz County Community TV

Watsonville, CA: Hello world! Get ready for some excitement! While Circus Imagination was at the 2011 Santa Cruz County Fair, we were visited by the crew of the Santa Cruz Community TV. They were on a quest to cover every bit of the fair and we happened to be a stop in the way! You can watch the whole video at the CTV website by clicking on the logo below! For the impatient ones: the Circus Imagination story starts at 6 minutes 30 seconds. We will have the video edited and colored in our youtube CircusImagination channel soon! But check it out now by clicking on the link below!

CTV Presents Fair Days. Coverage of the 2011 Santa Cruz County Fair. This episode Highlights some of our favorite interviews from this past week. Featuring: Pee Wee Livestock Showmanship, Circus Imagination, Fine Arts at the Fair, Harvest Exhibits Tour, Sea Lion Adventures and All-Alaskan Racing Pigs.


See you later alligator!


Santa Cruz Mural

Watsonville,CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination had a wondeful time at the 2011 Santa Cruz County Fair!
We would like to thank the fair for having us back this year, big thanks to all the brave volunteers that joined our show as well as the ones who sat at the audience: Thanks for all your laughs you guys rock!
Below are the highlights for the week!
See Circus Imagination next at the San Benito County Fair!
That’s all folks!