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Farewell Los Banos

Los Banos, CA: Did you know that today is the anniversary of the world’s very first fair? Our first show of the day was at noon and we featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, a very busy Lion Tamer managing a big troop of wild animals that included lions, tigers, bears, elephant princesses, crazy monkeys and even Trinity, the leopard in pink cowboy boots! (Check her out in the picture below) Besides all those animals Circus Imagination also welcomed Champagne Sisters, Calamity Oakley the Cowgirl and a very experienced Zazel the Human Cannon Ball that had joined our circus not one, not two, but three times before – once a year!

Our second show of the day started with a left foot when Tina the Tight Rope Walker suddenly forgot how to walk, but thanks to the quick queuing of the great Sandal the Strong the show went on with the powerful magic of kids imaginations! Too bad Sandal a.k.a. Dylan might have lost his job in the circus to Drake the Clown… As you can see in the picture below!

This same circus, at 3 PM, also featured Quincy the amazing Lion Tamer and his newest circus acquisition: Reagan the lion cub! Oh… All the little ones bring so much joy to us and to Circus Imagination!

Our last show of the day was at 4 PM and it was a circus extravaganza! There were clowns running around, loose lions strolling through the stage, so much excitement ringmaster almost lost the spotlight! Circus Imagination also welcomed back two of our dearest volunteers that have been a part of our show for as long as we’ve been in the Merced County Spring Fair! They are 8 year old Joshua, who was Zazel the amazing Human Cannon Ball and 15 year old Rachel, from Pacheco High School, who played Calamity Oakley – the super coordinated whip cracker who almost took a piece of the Ringmaster’s fingers as a souvenir! – Just kidding guys! Thank you for joining Circus Imagination again! Having families like you guys in our show is a big part of what makes our jobs worthwhile!

So it all comes down to an end. For now, at least. As we wrap up our first fair of the year for the Circus Imagination season we can say it was much better than expected! We had a great time with all the Los Banos kids that volunteered in our show, as well as with the ones that sat in the audience. Circus Imagination would like to give a big thanks for all the support we’ve been given by this community! You guys mean a lot to us and we hope to see you all next year!

Los Banos Champagne Sisters

Hello Everybody!

Los Banos, California: Today was another wonderful sunny day at the 2011 Merced County Spring Fair! We had two Circus Imagination shows, one at 3:30 PM and one at 5 PM. The first one was a small show, but we still managed to make it grand! The only thing missing was a little bit more clapping and cheering from the audience, I guess we can forgive them because they had their hands full of corn dogs and cotton candy! =] Oh well our second show was again “warmed up” by Jeremy the Juggler performing his amazing 5 second giant origami folding on a unicycle!

Our second circus featured two very special guest: Miss Reyna and Miss Jackie, who performed our internationally acclaimed act Champagne Sisters! Don’t get fooled by their size, they are both 12 years old! And we were talking about how amazing that number is. They are on the verge of not being called kids anymore, but they are definitely still young at heart – and we at Circus Imagination love to see that!

Tomorrow is kids day at the fair and that means all kids 12 & under get in for free. This will be the last free fair entrance for Reyna and Jackie as kids, but we can assure you girls that you will always be welcome here at Circus Imagination no matter how old you are! Thank you for joining the circus! Below is a memory for you girls to keep…

See you tomorrow! Our show times on Friday the 28th of April are 1 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:30 Pm & 6 PM!