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Brand New Website: Interactive and Fun!


Somerset, CA: Here it is kind of a “beta” version of our future website. I developed it so both children and adults could enjoy and have their own little areas to read about the circus.

For the grown ups check out the Home Page it’s filled with information.

It starts with a short bio of the circus and a news feed from our blog. Scrolling down you’ll learn about our new business Clown College, find our Social Media links. There’s also a character biography, a Video and a circus freebie Desktop Background download.

The Circus Page has a quick run through the whole show, with short explanations and pictures of the acts in the show. The right column I filled up with newspaper / magazine quotes about our show. My favorites are on the top!

The Characters Page is definitely for the little ones! Right now there are only 3 characters biographies: Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Sandow the Strong and Bobo the Clown.

The Calendar Page has our Google Calendar, already updated with our 2015 confirmed events. On Book Now you’ll find our contact information. Here’s a sneak peek:

Did I mention what Clown College is? We developed this amazingly fun are where children can learn basic circus skills. Juggling, balancing, walking on stilts, hula hoop tricks plus a maze to play in! Oh, and they can also be amazed by our Giant Soap Bubbles. It’s a popping frenzy!

Another new Circus Imagination Production is the Be Bop Fairy, with a pinch of pixie dust and many magical bubbles. She does giant soap bubbles, face painting, LED and FIRE hula hoop performance.

On the Road Again…


Somerset, CA: So another season starts! Hooray! This winter our little circus got so many amazing upgrades! Curious? I’m sure you guys will love them all!

First of all we have a new backdrop! (The big hand painted canvas that hangs between the ladders) We have been using the beautiful artwork of Criss Raintree (Caton’s Mom) for many years, and we have been thinking about “retiring” it for a while, but the amount of work and patience it takes to hand paint a canvas that big kept us from it. Until now! 

We also have spent all winter creating adorably cute cartoon-like circus characters! They are featured on the new backdrop, will soon be in our website and also in the buttons/badges we have as souvenirs of the show.

We have a new circus act! Yay Yeah! It’s called: “The Flying Circus.” Let me tell you a little bit about it. Taking in consideration how much kids play video games in their little electronic devices, we decided to take one of those famous video games and turn it into a real life game! So we took the whole concept of Angry Birds and transformed it into a human slingshot game! You are going to have to wait and see! 

Now we are on our way to our first fair: Pinal County Fair in AZ! It starts next week and I promise to post many new pictures then!

May this 2014 season be even more fun than the last!

See you at the fair!


2013 Lyon County Fair


Yerington,NV: Hello everybody! We had a great time at the 2013 Lyon County Fair! It was our first time here and we felt we got a great feedback from the local community.  At first kids seemed a little shy, but a couple days into the fair we already had build a troop of loyal little fans that kept on coming back for the circus! Oh, and for the face painting!
Here are some pictures of our cute face painting designs and of our darling Champagne Sisters!
Hope to see you all again next year!


On our way to Redwood

Somerset,CA: Hello everybody! The
Circus is getting ready to go to the Redwood Empire Fair next week! It’s located in the cute little town of Ukiah, CA.
1055 N State St Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-3884
The fair start next Thursday and ends on the following Sunday.
Come on over and have some fair fun with us in the beautiful mountain side!
For more information go to:
Look fot the big blue and yellow circus tent near the pond!
See you later alligator!

2013 Merced Spring Fair

Los Banos, CA: We loved coming back to the fair this year, it’s always a great time with friends for us here! We had the unexpected visit of an old circus fan, and the usual…. A bunch of WILD CHILDREN! Just how we like them! Here are some pictures of ours shows at the 2013 Merced Spring Fair. We will have the video of a couple shows (School Tours) later on on youtube, check back soon!

the cast
Wild Animals
Bobo the Clown

Champagne sister

Tina the TightRope Walker

School tours

Wild Animals

Thank you so much Los Banos! Thank you to all who have watched and participated in our show throughout the years! Send us your own pictures! Tag us on facebook facebook.com/CircusImagination! If you have an youtube page tag us in your videos we would love to see them all!
See you later aligator!

Ladies & Jellybeans!

Watsonville, CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination is lucky to be back at the 2012 Santa Cruz County Fair! We love this fair and the great feedback we get from the public! This week the children really made us laugh and sometimes even put a new spontaneous spin in our show! I heard the funniest things such as:

Ringmaster starts the show saying: – “Ladies and jellybeans welcome to the circus…”

In the meantime, on the blue tarp where the kids wait to perform Tina the TightRope Walker starts giggling loudly together with an elephant. Their dialogue goes:

Tina: -“Ladies and jellybeans? Does that mean boys are the jellybeans and girls are ladies?”

Elephant: -“I’m a jellybean!”

Tina: -“Then I’m gonna eat you!”

She starts playfully pretending to bite the elephant. The other boys, a lion and the cowboy, sitting around them start to scream: “I’m a red jellybean,” “I’m a peanut butter one!”

Oh well by then the Ringmaster was staring at us waiting for Tina the Tight Rope Walker to come on stage. She is the first act in the circus, but the conversation was so cute and funny we all got caught up on it. Even myself, the one who’s supposed to put some order in the circus! Or at least send the kids in on order! Me and the kids got an evil look from the ringmaster, and the show went on!

Here are some pictures from this week’s fair and our wonderful volunteers! There’s nothing like a child’s honest smile to melt our hearts!


I found this cute CLOWN POEM online that I would like to share with you guys:

Mr. Brown, the circus clown
puts his clothes on upside down.
He wears his hat upon his toes
and socks and shoes upon his nose.

He ties his ties around his thighs
and wraps his belt around his eyes.
He hangs his earrings from his hips
and stockings from his fingertips.

He puts his glasses on his feet
and shirt and coat around his seat.
And when he’s dressed, at last he stands
and walks around upon his hands.

–Kenn Nesbitt


Hopefully we’ll see you next year again!

2012 Gold Country Fair

Auburn,CA: Circus Imagination had a wonderful time at the 2012 Gold Country Fair! We had so many funny moments at the circus it is always awesome to come back to a place where kids still love to imagine and play outside! We would like to thank the fair for having us back and also all the talented volunteers that participated in our show!

Here are some of the cute moments we captured this week here at the circus:

2012 Gold Country Fair

Monterey County Fair Video

Monterey,CA: Here’s a video of the entire show on Sunday, September 2nd at the 2012 Monterey County Fair! Click here to see it in our youtube channel!


Strawberry Fun

Monterey,CA: Hello everybody! We are here at the Monterey County Fair for the 5th year, we have to say, it gets better everytime!
Our show times this week are 1PM, 3PM & 5PM.
We absolutely love being here! The fair theme this year is “very berry extraordinary” with the support from the California Strawberry Industry the fair is fruity and extra sweet this year! They even made one of the World’s Largest Strawberry Shortcake at the fair this last Thursday! You could smell it from 30 feet away! Look at the picture below.


Worlds largest strawberry shortcake

Here at the circus we have welcomed back many familiar faces, lots of our volunteers look the same but  are surprisingly taller. Good thing we have designed a bunch of new tall costumes such as the ferocious lions, the tutu tigers, the new muscular circus strongman, the primates fuzzy the orangotang and Mr. gorilla clown and even butterfly ballerina elephants!


Butterfly Ballerina ELEPHANTS


Miss Gorilla Clown


Tutu Tiger

The Monterey County kids sure do have an amazing imagination. Some funny moments we have captured in our videos this week! To list a few:

-Random Screaming Butterfly Ballerina: She was so excited to be in the show she could not contain herself! After the girls came back from the act and sat down she kept on running around the stage, as the show continued! So funny!


Stampeding Elephant

-Stampeding elephant: They are such a perfect casting fit! About 4-6 yeard old they seldom misbehave, refuse to do the tricks with the wild animals and stampede the audience! Good thing they look so adorable along the way!

We also have new Champagne Sisters costumes, check out some of our friends of the circus below modeling them for us!


Champagne Sisters


Circus Butterfly Fairies

Come on over be part of the Circus at the 2012 Monterey County Fair. We have parts for Human Cannon Balls, Tight Rope Walkers, Wild Animals, Cowboys & Cowgirls so much more! Below are some more pictures of the stars of the show: the kids!