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The Lion Transformation

Calistoga,CA: Hello everybody! Hope everything is going great for you guys in 2012! It’s time to update Circus Imagination! We are always improving little things here and there around the circus set, but this winter we have been 100% dedicated to making the circus more magical by making the costumes more believable, more colorful, fuzzier and cozier!

There’s just so much going on right now at the exciting Circus Imagination Factory that I don’t even know where to start! So I decided to take one improvement at a time and now you’ll see our new lion costume!

After many trips to stores like Jo Ann Fabrics and Micheal’s we finally decided on the fabrics and materials to use, the pattern is from Simplicity 8222, mascot costumes, which unfortunately is discontinued, but it can still be found online. The difficulty level I would say “lots of patience” and there’s a lot of hand sewing involved, but the results are definitely worth the trouble!

Oh I can’t wait to see the kids faces this year when they see our new costumes! It’s going to be soooo exciting I can barely wait!

Below is a brief step by step picture show and tell.

Figure 1 – First Cut All the pieces – 48 TOTAL

Figure 2 – Then sandwich foam between layers of fabric, all pieces of the 3d puzzle!

Figure 3 – The front of the face gets put together first!

Figure 4 – Then the back of the head gets attached, see the fuzzy mane underneath?

Figure 5 – Now comes the hard part, inside out, attach the mane all around!

Figure 6 – Almost ready, still missing whiskers and eyebrows!

Figure 7 – Here is our old head on the left and the prototype for the new one on the right!

Figure 8 – And here is the full costume!

Figure 9 – Roooarr!!

Stay tuned with our blog and soon see the new bear costume, new tiger costume and, of course, the 2012 Circus Imagination Summer Schedule!

See you later alligator!


Costumier Carolina