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Fun at the fair!

Monterey, CA: Hello e everybody! Today Circus Imagination had three shows at the 2011Monterey County Fair. We had a wonderful time throughout the day with all the kids that volunteered and also with the ones that only watched our show! Check out some pictures below of our volunteers for this Thursday!
See you guys tomorrow at the fair!


Fun times at the bay area

Monterey, CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination is now at the 2011 Monterey County Fair! We have three daily shows until Labor Day Monday always on the following times: 1 PM, 3 PM & 5 PM!
Today our first show of the day was a great way to start the fair! We had Tina the Tight Rope Walker, a very happy Wild Animal trainer taming his wild older Lion brother – check their picture out below!
Our second show at 3 PM was just adorable! Most of our volunteers were younger than 4 years old! Check out our Butterfly Ballerinas and Clarence & Bobo the clowns fooling around on the stage on the picture below.
Third and last show of the day was at 5 PM and it featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Wild Animal Trainer and his troop of ferocious lions, monkeys and elephants, the amazing Champagne Sisters from Paris, France and Zazel the Human Cannon Ball – Check the last one out on the picture below!
Come find us underneath the Big Top at the Monterey County Fair. The fair is located at 886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA. For more information call the main office at (831) 648 – 4888 or find it online at http://www.montereycountyfair.com
See you guys later!


No age limit for imagination!

Stockton, CA: Hello ladies and jellybeans! Today is “handicapable” day at the fair so Circus Imagination started early with a show at 11 AM. We had Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Butterfly Ballerinas and Bobo the Clown, Calamity Oakley the Cowgirl and also Enrique, a very talented cowboy that amazed our audience with his trick shooting! – Check out his picture below.image

At 1:30 PM Circus Imagination had a second show with 20 volunteers! We covered almost all the circus acts! Check out Tina the Tight Rope Walker on the picture below and our crowd of volunteers behind her! This show featured children of all ages – from 3 to 15 years old – and also a 46 year-old Cowgirl that was definetly a child in heart! This circus had the very special visit of our darling circus friend Molly and her friend Madison! It was great to see you guys again, too bad we didn’t get a picture!image

Our third show of the day was at 4:30 and even through the hot weather did its best to drain out everybody’s energy we managed to cheer up a big group of kids and put on a show! The highlight of this circus were 12 year-old Savannah and 17 year-old Jyssica from Modesto, CA who performed the part of the acrobats Champagne Sisters! They did a little extra goofing around on the stage and left us thinking… maybe they were on the wrong act! Next time we’ll make you guys Clara & Clarissa the Clowns! Check out their picture below!

imageThe last show of the day was at 7 PM and it was a great circus! Thank you to all the kids who volunteered to be a part of our show, you guys are awesome! And now you can have your own circus at home!

Well that’s all folks!

Very Special Circus Guests

Los Banos, CA: Hello everybody! Today was another very sunny and busy day for Circus Imagination. We had 4 shows throughout the day. The first one happened at high noon and it gathered up an audience so big that some of them had to stand up outside the tent to watch the show because all the seats were already taken!

In our second show at 2 PM we had a very special animal guest appearance that doesn’t travel with the circus often but it’s definitely present at most of the fairs we are at. Let me give you a few hints:

  1. It’s part of fair livestock ;
  2. It’s a female animal;
  3. The mostly known breed for its species is white with black spots;
  4. It has hooves;
  5. It produces milk;

Did you guess it? If not check out the picture below! You can see her jumping through the hula loop of fire!

Our third show of the day at 4PM had a crowd just as big as today’s first circus. Again Circus Imagination featured another very special guest animal. And guys… by the animal trainer’s request we have to mention how much trouble it was to train this one. It’s by far the largest animal our circus has ever had. It even scared out some of our baby elephants that came backstage running when this very special guest showed up! And believe it or not our trainer was able to teach it to wear a tutu and a hat while performing the same tricks all our wild circus animals regularly do. Let’s play guess again:

  1. It’s natural habitat is the jungle;
  2. It likes to scratch its armpits;
  3. It’s big and usually black colored;
  4. Allegedly its favorite food are bananas!

Do you know what it is? Yes! It’s a gorilla! A gorilla in a tutu! Only at Circus Imagination! And for those of you who don’t believe in it here’s our proof!

Our last show of the day happened at 7 PM right as the sun was about to set. There weren’t nearly as many kids around as the precious circuses, but there was certainly enough children volunteering for us to make a big circus show!

Circus Imagination had another great day at the Merced County Spring Fair, in particular because the strong wind gusts that were blowing yesterday did take a day off! So no chasing after flying hats, props and costumes today!

We can’t believe tomorrow is already the last day of this fair! Time goes by so fast at the circus! Tomorrow (May 1st) our show times are 12 PM, 3 PM & 4 PM at the Merced County Spring Fair.

See you another time!

Almost Gone With The Wind…

Los Banos, CA: Today our day started when we heard some loud flapping sounds, it took us a while to realize that what was actually making that loud noise were our tent walls! 40mph winds were blowing the whole fair into the air! The wind was so strong that one of the corner poles of the circus tent – staked down to the ground about 3 feet deep – got yanked out!

It’s kids day at the fair and that means a very busy day for Circus Imagination, we had four shows today! Our first show at 1 PM had by far the biggest audience: almost 200 children and, of course, many volunteers. Check out our crowd on the picture below.

It looks like a lot of work for only two people (ringmaster & costumier) to handle, huh? Even though we could have managed, thanks to our #1 Circus Imagination fan our jobs were made a little bit easier. Amanda Duni, 17 years old, from Los Banos High School joined the circus today but with a complete different goal than any time before: she was a stage manager! She assisted dressing up all our volunteers, doing an especially good job with the 8 adorable butterfly ballerinas. She also played a big part on helping the kids out when they came back from the stage after their performances. So thank you very much Amanda! Consider yourself awarded our #1 Good Intentions Circus Prize of the fair! Never stop believing in the power of your imagination, because even though we cannot avoid getting older we can still choose to maintain our hearts young forever! Here’s a memory for you to keep of this wonderfully windy day!

Our last three shows of the day went well. But since the wind gusts never did stop as the weather forecast predicted – they should change their name to “weather maybecast” – one of our circus acts gave the ringmaster a little extra trouble. We all can vouch for the fact that Dead Eye McBang is the fastest cowboy of the west but he was not fast enough to compete with this wind! All his cans kept on getting blown off the ledge before he could have a chance to shoot at them!

Let’s hope that the wind takes a day of rest tomorrow so we can spend less time chasing after our flying hats and more time circusing!