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CIRCUS IMAGINATION We are not just any circus, we are Circus Imagination! Our show is a children participatory circus, that means we get kids from 3 to 12 years old and turn them into instant circus performers! Sounds marvelously unusual, doesn’t it? Everybody is welcome to join our circus! Find us throughout the summer at California Fairs & Festivals – schedule available. CAROLINA CUCINA Join me on a journey through heathy, green and delicious home cooking! Basically a mixture of Brazilian, Italian, French & American food! Plus many other international recipes from all around the world! FAIR NEWSLETTER Hire me to develop, write and distribute an amazing in depth daily newsletter for your event! It's full of personal stories, interviews and curiosities about not only the event, but the people behind exhibits, productions and organization.

Video 2016 Benton County Fair

Corvallis, OR: This was our first time at the Benton County Fair and we had a blast with the circus! Hope to be back in the future! Check out one of our shows from this event:



2 new TENTS: Clown College

Somerset, CA: Hello Ladies and Jellybeans!

Clown College is the activity area extension of Circus Imagination. There we have a variety of interactive and monitored children activities such as giant soap bubbles, hula hoop lessons, stilts, basic juggling, a maze and new things to come soon!


Here’s a picture of one of our two new beautifully colored tents for Clown College. They measure 20 x 20 feet, are slightly smaller than the Circus Imagination tent and  have three different colors! This was the first time it got set up in our backyard this past weekend.


If you want to learn more about Clown College go to 

If you want to check it out, in 2016 we are confirmed, so far, to be at these events: Amador County Fair and Western Idaho Fair.