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1600 Exposition Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 263-2975

Sac County Fair Mural

Sacramento, CA: Circus Imagination had a wonderful time at the 2012 Sacramento County Fair! Here are some pictures of our good times!

Thank you everybody that joined our show! You kids are the real stars!

Remember: Go outside and play!

See you later alligator!2012 Sacramento County Fair


2012 Sacramento County Fair

2012 Sacramento County Fair

2012 Sacramento County Fair

2012 Sacramento County Fair


School Tour Video

Sacramento, CA: Here’s the video for the 10:30AM Circus Imagination show at the 2012 Sacramento County Fair!


Thank you everybody that joined our show! You kids are awesome! You were the stars of the show!

Don’t forget to have your own circus in your own backyard!

See you later alligator!

The Circus is in town!

Sacramento, CA: Hello world! Circus Imagination is here at the 2012 Sacramento County Fair! This is our second year at this fair and we love to be here performing at the Ringmaster’s hometown!

The Sac County Fair theme this year is “Eat, Have Fun & Celebrate the Red White and Blue” the fair started today and it ends on Monday, May 28th – Memorial Day. For more information about the fair check their website or contact the main fair office at (916) 263-2975. Click HERE to download the whole fair schedule.

Circus Imagination Show Times for this week are:


























Today was a very busy day for us we had a total of 4 shows! On the first two shows we were happy to welcome the SCHOOL TOURS at 9:30AM & 11AM! Meaning we had a bunch of hyper kids very willing to join the circus! We maxed out on those first shows reaching our maximum of volunteers – about 30-35 kids per show! It was so great we just looove filling up all those parts because we get to do the acts we don’t usually do all the time such as the circus Strongman!

At our last two shows we had about 15-20 volunteers at a time, they were a little more calm but had just as much fun! Below are some pictures of the highlights of the day!

Thank you to all the kids who joined our show today! You guys were awesome! You are the stars of the show! Don’t forget to have your own circus in your own backyard!

1 Marco the Lion Tamer and his ferocious animals!

2 All the volunteers from the School Tours!

3 Costumier doing hoop tricks before the show!

4 Circus Imagination’s petting zoo!

5 The amazing Zazel the Human Cannon Ball!

6 You think one kid makes a mess? How about 30? =]

7 Tina the Tight Rope Walker!

That’s it for today folks! See you tomorrow at the fair!

In the beginning it was fun. In the end, it was all for fun. And in between is where it tickles most!

Bye Bye Sac

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.  Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.  Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities” – Theodore Geisel

Sacramento, CA: The rain went away and the sun came to stay! So let me tell you guys about Sunday, May 29th. Circus Imagination had three shows at 11 AM, 1:30 PM & 4 PM at the Sacramento County Fair and they were all pretty busy! We almost had all the circus acts Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Sandall the Strong, Clarence and Bobo the Clown, Champagne Sisters, Butterfly Ballerinas, Cowboys, Cowgirls, and the amazing Human Cannon Ball! Check out the picture below of the second show of the day when we had the presence of the unique Circus Imagination Clown Gorilla – after rolling on the ground full of hay… primates are just so unpredictable! =]

On Memorial Day Monday Circus Imagination had its last three shows at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair! Check out on the picture below how our wild animals were extremely well behaved today, even the giant elephants! If you click on the girl in the tight rope you can watch a short video of the crowd’s favorite Tina the Tight Rope Walker of the day! She got so much praise from the audience that she just could not stop smiling on her sit for the rest of the show!

We love all the kids that volunteer in our circus, as well as the ones that sit in the audience – because when there’s an excited audience that participates by clapping and encouraging the kids that are on stage the show is 10000% better for everyone! ! It was also great to see so many little familiar faces back again, and again, and again throughout the fair!

Every time, in every event, when it gets close to the end we feel so sad about leaving, but the circus must go on to the next town! Good thing we don’t have to give our elephants a shower in between shows like those circus guys underneath from in 1966 in the Stockton Fairgrounds! (Click on the picture and read more about this great historical circus picture at

Well I guess this is goodbye! We would like to thank the Sacramento County Fair for having us here this year! We also felt energized by the positive reception of the community and we really appreciate all the comments you guys wrote down in our book! Remember if you have your own video of your child performing in Circus Imagination we would love for you to upload it into our youtube channelcircusimagination!

That’s all folks! Hope to see you again next year!

Ringmaster Caton & Costumier Carolina

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Sacramento, CA: Hello ladies and jellybeans! Today our day was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The first Circus Imagination of the day was at 11 AM, exactly one hour after the Sacramento County Fair opened today! Just enough time for all the families to take a walk around the fair and then come sit down for a while underneath the Big Top while their kids perform in the Circus! Some of the featured artists of the morning were Tina the Tight Rope Walker, Calamity Oakley the Cowgirl, Wild Animal Trainer and his troop of well behaved lions, elephants, monkeys, tigers, bears and even a gorilla that wears sneakers! Check him out on the picture below! Also the Champagne Sisters from Paris, France and Clarence the Clown!

Our second show of the day was at 1 PM and we had the remarkable presence of the Human Cannon Ball! Yey Yeah! She was very ready to get shot out of that cannon, no fear at all, just like a good dare-devil! Check the 1 minute video of Zazel the Human Cannon Ball in Circus Imagination by clicking on the picture below!

2011 Sacramento County Fair

At 4 PM Circus Imagination had the last show of the day right as a thin rain started to fall, so everybody came running for a dry spot to sit down underneath the circus tent! In no time our audience seats were taken and the empty space by the cannon became official stroller parking area! We had 35 volunteers in the circus! It was a busy one! Tina the Tight Rope Walker, 10 Butterfly Ballerinas, 2 Clowns, 7 wild animals, Lion Tamer, Cowgirl, Champagne Sisters, Cannon Ball and cute little 2 year old running around – the executive circus monkey business supervisor! It was a wonderful show and we had so many good laughs! Thank you kids! You guys definitely put a smile in everybody’s frown rain face!

So now let’s do the anti-rain dance and dream about sunny skies so we can enjoy a dry fair tomorrow!

See you later alligator!

Circus Loves School Tours

Sacramento, CA: Hello everybody! It’s a great day here at the Sacramento county Fair for Circus Imagination. We are happy because the weather is very nice today! Even though it was a little overcast in the morning, the skies opened up and gave room for some very welcomed sunshine!

Our first circus of the day was at 11 AM and, just like yesterday, we had an amazing audience packed with kids from ages 6 to 12 thanks to the School Tours! Circus Imagination certainly loves School Tours! From the time Tina the Tight Rope Walker stepped on stage until we shot the Human Cannon Ball out of the cannon the crowd was gasping and cheering. The volunteers and audience together had such enthusiasm they made the circus show even more enjoyable than usual! Everybody used their imaginations so much, and so well, that when it was time for the wild animals to roll over and play dead all the kids sitting on the front row stretched their little hands to pet the tall lions…. It was so cute! But too fast for me to get a picture, maybe next time! But our circus gorilla did pose for a great picture as you can see below; he was just hanging out by the costume trunk, looking cool! And if you click on the picture you can navigate into our youtube page and watch a short video from behind the curtains of our audience for this show!

At 1 PM we had our second show of the day and there were still some School tours around the fair! Enough to fill up our audience sits with very enthusiastic kids. Check out a picture of our crew of volunteers for this show taken one minute before the show started, as all the kids are dressed up and sitting down by the side of the stage!

The last Circus Imagination show of the day happened at 5:30 PM! We welcomed some great families that not only watched their kids become instant circus performers, but also encouraged them to use their imaginations! Just the way we like it! There’s nothing better for a child than time spent being a kid! And we guarantee all kids will have a great time joining the circus, or even just watching it! But be careful, because once you’re bit by the circus bee you might go home and have your own circus! Check out or 4-H Tina the Tight Rope Walker on the picture below!

That’s it for today folks!

Come watch Circus Imagination tomorrow at 11 AM, 1 PM & 5:30 PM at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair! Just look for the yellow and blue big top in Cal Expo!

Circus imagination Debuts at hometown

Sacramento, CA: Hello everybody! It’s a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon here at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair! Circus Imagination is very happy to be part of the SCF for the 1st time! You can find our yellow and blue Big Top behind the pony rides and petting zoo on the north side of the livestock pavilion.

Our first show of the day was at 9:30 AM and thanks to the School tours we had an energetic audience and lots of extremely excited volunteers. The show featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, who showed her balancing skills and got a standing ovation from the crowd. We also had a Wild Animal Trainer, Lions, Elephants & a leaping Leopard, Champagne Sisters, the Cowgirl Calamity Oakley and the amazing grand finale: the Human Cannon Ball!

At 11 AM Circus Imagination had the second show of the day and this time the Lion Tamer included in his troop of wilds animals a handful of well trained monkeys, lions, an elephant, a leopard and even a gorilla in a clown costume!

The third show of the day was at 1 PM and we had the most perfect audience for our show! Thanks to another group of School Tours they were all kids between the ages of 8 and 12 years old! Check out the picture below!

The fourth and last show of the day was at 3:30 PM. Circus Imagination featured the beautiful Butterfly Ballet, Clarence and Bobo the Clowns and the amusing Champagne Sisters from Paris, France followed by the Cowgirl and topped up with the Human Cannon Ball!

Circus Imagination will be back tomorrow at 11 AM, 1 PM & 5:30 PM here at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair were Memories & Magic make an Enchanting Fair. For information about the fair and schedule of events call 916 263-2975 or go to !

See you guys tomorrow!

Circus Imagination on TV Commercial

Hello everybody! Have you seen the Sacramento County Fair TV commercial? If you have you’ve recognized the Ringmaster Caton as a Magician-Hypnotist transforming kids in unicorns, sea lions and pig wearing tutus!

If you haven’t seen check it out at

Don’t forget tomorrow is the first day of the 2011 Sacramento County Fair! Circus Imagination will have shows at 9:30 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM & 3:30 PM! The fair is over on next Monday, Memorial Day! And you can find our yellow-and-blue Big Top next to the pony rides and the tractor pulls!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more Circus Imagination news!

See ya!