Circus TV Piece!

Stockton, CA: Everybody knows this is the first time Circus Imagination is at the San Joaquin County Fair in Stockton and we would like to state that we feel very welcomed by the local community! We had great feedback from the children that participated in our show so far and also very positive comments from their parents! We would like to thank the local paper “The Record” for all the attention and support! They printed a story about us on Tuesday’s issue, beautifully written by Jo Ann Kirby – there’s a link for it on the blog post for June 14th –  but that isn’t all! Katie Combs, a member of the newspaper crew came back to the fair to film a piece about Circus Imagination! And it turned out wonderfully! Click on any of the links below to watch it!

Here’s the link to watch the video on “The Record” website:

Here’s the link to watch the same video in the CircusImagination Youtube channel:

Our BIG thank you of the week goes to “The Record” for taking an interest in what we do and for helping us to spread our word: KIDS ARE BETTER OFF PLAYING OUTSIDE AND USING THEIR IMAGINATIONS!

That’s all folks!

See you tomorrow at the fair!

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