Circus imagination Debuts at hometown

Sacramento, CA: Hello everybody! It’s a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon here at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair! Circus Imagination is very happy to be part of the SCF for the 1st time! You can find our yellow and blue Big Top behind the pony rides and petting zoo on the north side of the livestock pavilion.

Our first show of the day was at 9:30 AM and thanks to the School tours we had an energetic audience and lots of extremely excited volunteers. The show featured Tina the Tight Rope Walker, who showed her balancing skills and got a standing ovation from the crowd. We also had a Wild Animal Trainer, Lions, Elephants & a leaping Leopard, Champagne Sisters, the Cowgirl Calamity Oakley and the amazing grand finale: the Human Cannon Ball!

At 11 AM Circus Imagination had the second show of the day and this time the Lion Tamer included in his troop of wilds animals a handful of well trained monkeys, lions, an elephant, a leopard and even a gorilla in a clown costume!

The third show of the day was at 1 PM and we had the most perfect audience for our show! Thanks to another group of School Tours they were all kids between the ages of 8 and 12 years old! Check out the picture below!

The fourth and last show of the day was at 3:30 PM. Circus Imagination featured the beautiful Butterfly Ballet, Clarence and Bobo the Clowns and the amusing Champagne Sisters from Paris, France followed by the Cowgirl and topped up with the Human Cannon Ball!

Circus Imagination will be back tomorrow at 11 AM, 1 PM & 5:30 PM here at the 2011 Sacramento County Fair were Memories & Magic make an Enchanting Fair. For information about the fair and schedule of events call 916 263-2975 or go to !

See you guys tomorrow!

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