Last day of Fair

Susanville, CA: Hello kids! So it all comes down to an end… The last three circus of the 2011 Lassen County Fair happened at NOON, 2 PM and 5 PM!
The first show had Tina the Right Rope Walker, Butterfly Ballerinas and Clarence the Clown, Dead Eye McBang the Cowboy, Champagne Siblings and the amazing Human Cannon Ball!
The second and third show of the day were pretty busy, Circus Imagination welcomed 20+ volunteers in each one! Check out the picture below!
We would like to take some time to thank the Lassen County Fair for having is back this year! Circus Imagination would also like to thank all the children who participated in and/or watched our show!  Your smiles make it all worth it for us!

Don’t forget to use your imaginations!


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