Horse ‘N Around

Monterey, CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination has been very busy here at the 2011 Monterey County Fair, so let’s catch up!
The first picture below is from Friday’s shows. The highlights are Tina the Tight Rope Walker and Calamity Oakley the Cowgirl – she cames back to be part of our show every year at the MCF since the first time Circus Imagination was here at this fair!
Saturday’s picture is the next one below with the Butterfly Ballerinas and the Cupcake Eating Competition hosted by the Ringmaster & judged by Costumier. It was sponsored by Mrs Delish Designer Cupcakes – who presented us with some out of this world cupcakes! The cherry bomb was definetly my favorite!
Today (Sunday) we had three awesome shows with great and enthusiastic kids and even a come-backer that was part of our show 4 years ago at the Kids Fest in Concord, CA – he is the lion tamer in the last set of pictures with the red curtains. Right next to him check out our new orangutan costume! Isn’t him fuzzy and hugable!?!
We have a couple more pictures to share. Since the fair theme this year is Horse ‘N Around at the fair the Circus Imagination poneys have been on the spotlight day after day! They are such a big hit nobody can get enough of their cuteness!  Photographer Mike Beck took a picture of our circus poney going through the ring of fire! Check it down below!
Last but not least is a picture of Ringmaster Caton & Costumier Carolina with a couple of our darling Circus Friends Wendy Brickman and Jody Hansen!
See you later aligators!
Tomorrow is the last day for Circus Imagination here at the 2011 Monterey County Fair, we have three shows at 1 PM, 3 PM & 5 PM! Come be a circus performer for a day under the blue & yellow Big Top!


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