Hot Hot Hot! AV Fair 2012!

Lancaster,CA: Hello everybody! Circus Imagination is here at the 2012 Antelope Valley Fair! It is hot out here, the temperature has been around the 100s all week, but we do have one weapon against this heat: misters! So if you come to the fair and you need a place to cool off come sit down underneath the blue & yellow big top by the kiddie carnival and get misted!

We have 3 shows everyday at 5PM, 6:30PM and 8PM! These past couple days we have had some great kids (and teenagers) in our show, even with this extreme heat they were still full of enthusiasm and energy! We also have a new set of costumes for the Champagne Sisters – you can see it in the picture, they are really sparkly with beautiful sequin butterflies!

Check out some of our star kids on the picture below! See you soon!

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